Surgery Remote - Citrix Workspace Installation and Use

Citrix Workspace app for Windows is easy-to-install software that provides secure remote access to Surgery applications. Using your personal computer, this is the supported method to access Surgery's Intranet, shared drive resources (F Drive), and specific applications, e.g. Physician's Billing. When this installed on your personal computer, it is recommended that you adopt this as your preferred secure remote access solution. Finally, Citrix Workspace can be installed on Windows devices, Apple OSX devices, tablets, and smartphones. This KB article is written from the perspective of a Windows software installation and will be augmented with additional installation guidelines when those are performed.

Software Download Section

Step-by-step Instructions:

Installing Citrix Workspace

  1. Initiate the download by following the Citrix Workspace from one of the above links, based on your remote system's operating system.
  2. When the download is complete, double-click on the Citrix Workspace file to install it.
  3. The installation may take several minutes, and in some cases may appear to stall during installing the "prerequisites."  Please wait for the installation to complete.  If the installation does not complete, please restart your computer or device and initiate the install again.
  4. During the final steps of the installation,  the following prompts will occur.
    1. Enter store URL or email address.  When prompted for this, enter and click the box "Do not show this window automatically at sign-in."
    2. Username and Password prompt.  You may see this more than one time during the installation and for each occurrence, enter your Surgery  username and password (not your NetID or UW Health ID).  After entering your username and password, please click the "Sign In" button.
  5. Complete the application installation.

Using Citrix Workspace

  1. On Windows systems, Citrix Workspace can be accessed from the Start Menu, by creating an application shortcut on your system's desktop or taskbar, or from the task tray icon by clicking on the Up Arrow.  Try searching for "Citrix Workspace" on your computer if the icon is not visible.
    1. Double-click Citrix Workspace to start the application; if launching from the task tray icon, right-click on the mini-icon and choose "Open."
  2. The default Surgery icons should appear.  Double-click on the application you want to use and when prompted, enter your Surgery username and password to start the selected application.
  3. This launch process requires time to initiate and can last up to 30 seconds.
  4. When finished using the remote applications, please logout of them and exit Citrix Workspace.

For support questions, please see the FAQ and Support section below.

FAQs and Support

Suggestions on how to resolve remote access issues when Citrix Workspace applications are not opening.

  1. There may be occurrences when a Citrix Workspace application is double-clicked and nothing happens.  The software appears to be doing something, however your screen does not change and the application does not open.  Please restart your system to correct this issue.  When your system has restarted, launch Citrix Workspace and double-click on the application you need to use, it should start as expected and prompt you for your Surgery username and password.

Please contact Surgery IT's help desk with questions -

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