Sample of e-mail foreign nationals will recieve from GLACIER

Sample of e-mail student will receive from GLACIER Online Tax Compliance System

Subject: Template - new Glacier account

EE name & email:

Relationship:  Employee
Income Type:  Wages/Salary/Compensation
Empl ID:  
Dept ID:
Dear ____________:

You are receiving this email because the UW-Madison Office of Human Resources has opened an account for you in Glacier, the online tax compliance system now being used by the University to determine the correct taxation on payments made to you.  Glacier is the secure, convenient method through which the University will collect certain information we are required by the U.S. government to maintain.  Regardless of your current visa or immigration status, your action and updated information are required.

  Whether you are a new payee, or wish to continue with your current tax withholding status, it is imperative that you carefully read the information provided below and complete the following steps by __________ or five days from the start of your paid appointment, whichever is later.  Failure to complete your Glacier entry and provide your documents to our office may result in over-withheld taxes, loss of tax treaty, and/or a delay to your future pay.  Action is required even if you are now a permanent U.S. resident or naturalized U.S. citizen, as our payroll records do not reflect that information.  Your Glacier entry is required even if you have recently submitted Form UW 1123.  Your Glacier entry is also required even if you are no longer working for the University to ensure that your year-end tax/wage report is accurate.

What you must do (except naturalized U.S. citizens, who may skip to the end of this email):
1. Open the email sent to you through Glacier, which you will receive from  If you do not receive it within 48 hours, check your email spam filter.  That email will instruct you on the process you must use to access Glacier and submit your information.

2. Prior to logging in the Glacier website, please gather the following information:

  • Your current DS-2019, I-20, I-94*, I-797, U.S. Permanent Resident card or U.S. Certificate of Naturalization. *If you entered the U.S. through a port issuing the electronic admission recording process, request a paper I-94 record from the USCBP website at:
  • Your passport and visa.
  • Date and visa type for your most recent entry into the United States.
  • Dates and visa types for ALL previous visits to the U.S. since January 1, 1986.
  • Your Social Security number (SSN).  If you do not have an SSN, please read the corresponding paragraph near the bottom of this email.
  • The following documents which contain information needed to complete your Glacier entry:
    • This email, which was sent from
    • The email sent to you from
    • Document 17409 available at:
3.     Log into Glacier’s secure online portal from any computer connected to the internet.  After logging into Glacier, you will be asked to type in your answers to a series of questions.

:  When instructed by Glacier to select your relationship(s) with the University of Wisconsin, please note this is based ONLY on your paid relationships (only positions you are being paid for through UW payroll).  Based on your current paid relationships with the University, you must select ONLY the following:


Income Type(s) “Wages/Salary/Compensation”

If your paid relationship with the University changes in the future, you must update your GLACIER record during the week after the change becomes effective.  The precise timing is required to ensure any resulting changes to withholding do not take effect until the correct pay period.

Other important data entry information to note:
  • Original (or anticipated) Date of Entry to the U.S.’ should be the last time you entered the U.S. following an absence of one year or more.
  • Date Permission to stay in the U.S. Expires’ refers to the end date on your I-20 (or EAD card), DS-2019, or I-797.  This is not the date on the visa sticker in your passport.
4.     After completing your Glacier entry, print and sign all reports generated and photocopy the documents listed on the Glacier Tax Summary Report, then deliver them to the Office of Human Resources, 21 North Park St., Room 5101, Madison, WI  53715-1218, between 7:45 and 4:15 Monday through Friday.  If you mail your documents, they must arrive by the deadline listed above.
Items to submit:
a. All Glacier-generated reports and forms and copies of the immigration documents listed on the Glacier Tax Summary Report.  If you have an EAD card, deliver a copy of that as well.
b. Form W-4 filled out as follows:
i.     W-4 for Nonresident Aliens: Please note that if you are a nonresident alien for tax purposes, Glacier will list your tax filing status as ‘single.’  This refers to the fact that you must file an individual nonresident income tax return and does not reflect your actual marital status.  Glacier will also list the maximum number of withholding allowances we are allowed to apply to your pay, based on your individual situation.  Do not alter the marital filing status or number of allowances or we will be required, by law, to set your withholding level at single with zero allowances.
ii.     W-4 for Resident Aliens: Glacier will not enter any information about your tax filing status (single/individual or married/joint filing) or the number of withholding allowances to apply to your pay. You are required to make that determination and list it on the form.  If you leave either of these fields blank, we are required by law to set your tax withholding at single with zero allowances.  If you need assistance determining the appropriate number of allowances to list, see the ‘Instructions for All Other Persons’ on the back of the long version of the W-4 form at:
NOTE:  If you are a foreign national living and working outside the U.S., please complete, print, sign, date and submit the long version of the W-4 form to your payroll office.  The form is available at:  Also please indicate the dates you will be living and working outside the U.S.  Additionally, before completing any Glacier entry, please contact your Glacier Responsible Administrator for further instructions.

If you need assistance answering any of the questions in Glacier:
Select the “online help” icon in the lower right section of most Glacier screens, or email the Glacier support team at  (Note: response may take up to 2 business days).  The support team at Glacier will answer your questions related to your data entry.  If you need additional support, please contact the Glacier Responsible Administrator at UW Madison or the UW Service Center at:  Do not send emails to the UW HR Administration mailbox as it is not monitored for incoming email.

Permanent U.S. Residents and Naturalized U.S. Citizens

If you are currently a permanent U.S. resident (green card holder) or naturalized U.S. citizen, you must deliver a photocopy of your green card or naturalization certificate to the Offices of Human Resources, 21 N. Park St., Room 5101, Madison.  Permanent residents must also key enough information into Glacier to arrive at the visa screen, then enter their PR status and close their Glacier account.

If you do not have a Social Security number:

If you are being paid through the University of Wisconsin payroll, you must apply for a Social Security number as soon as possible.  Details on the process are available at:

Please note that Glacier will not advise you of tax treaty eligibility, or generate any tax treaty forms, until you enter your Social Security number (SSN) into your Glacier record.
  • Do not postpone your Glacier entry during the SSN application process.
  • Deliver all Glacier forms and requested documents by the initial deadline.
  •  After you receive your SSN, log back into Glacier, update your record, then once again print, sign and deliver all Glacier-generated reports and forms to the Office of Human Resources, 21 North Park St., Room 5101, Madison, WI  53715-1218 between 7:45 a.m. and 4:15 p.m. Monday through Friday.
Thank you for your assistance in this process.





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