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Honorlock - Discuss accommodation plans with individual students

This document summarizes the steps for providing reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities in Honorlock. This document also includes ways instructors can support the student in the online proctoring experience.

Honorlock is an online auto-proctoring tool that can be linked to quizzes in Canvas. It is important to consider accommodations for students prior to using Honorlock as the students' accommodations may generate additional flags for review and/or may conflict with standard instructions you provide to students taking the quiz.

This document is part of an Honorlock guide series, Honorlock - Implementing disability-related accommodations (Instructors)or view the following steps for implementing Student Accommodations using Honorlock.

Steps for Implementing Student Accommodations

  1. Review known issues and limitations of Honorlock
  2. Setting up accommodations or bypass proctoring in Honorlock
  3. Discuss accommodation plans with individual students (this document)
  4. Document individual accommodation plans
  5. Add extended time and accommodate timed assessments


  • All scheduling is still done in Canvas Quizzes. 
  • Determine a time/date that the student will take the exam, taking into account extended-time accommodations and other scheduling related accommodations, such as one exam per day or morning/afternoon exams.  
  • Make sure that the exam start and end times are clear.
  • You may need to use the Canvas Quizzes "Assign to" functionality on the quiz Edit screen to "+Add" a different day and/or time window if the student(s) is taking the exam at a different time than the rest of the class.

Extended Time

Other accommodations that conflict with Standard Rules

  • Discuss accommodations that the student will use during the exam.
  • Discuss accommodations or proctoring exemptions that the student may have that may conflict with Honorlock settings or instructions you provide.
  • Discuss other actions that may be flagged by Honorlock but not documented on the Faculty Notification Letter.  For example, some students with "Testing Alone" as an accommodation may read questions aloud, which will be flagged in Honorlock.
  • Note: The conversation should focus on documenting which of the approved accommodations the student is using and reassuring/reinforcing that the student can use their accommodations without being penalized even though they may conflict with Honorlock's warnings or instructions you give to the class, as long as they maintain general class and campus academic integrity rules.  Furthermore, you should let them know that they will not see the proctoring flags during the exams and that is flagged for use of accommodations is for a review and does not mean that academic misconduct has occurred.


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