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1Learn@UW - Captioning Transcripts, and Audio Descriptions at UW-Madison - Getting Started [UW-Madison]684922024-04-308693
2Turnitin - Accessibility & Usability Information [UW-Madison]975952024-02-216335
3Kaltura - How to Edit Captions in Kaltura MediaSpace [UW-Madison]928052024-01-029540
4Kaltura - Legal and Policy Information [UW-Madison]968752023-12-295973
5Kaltura/Canvas - Using the Transcript Widget in MediaSpace and Canvas [UW-Madison]1033492023-12-198126
6Atomic Assessments - Accessibility & Usability Information (NEW) [UW-Madison]970642023-12-114756
7Create accessible online course materials [UW-Madison]986072023-04-038260
8Pressbooks Accessibility and Usability Information1062962024-04-043276
9Piazza Accessibility and Usability Information1150272024-03-121832
10Kaltura Accessibility and Usability Information1150192024-03-122597
11UDOIT Canvas Accessibility Checker Accessibility and Usability Information1149692024-03-122435
12Honorlock - Setting up accommodations or bypass proctoring1133942024-02-284910
13Honorlock - Review known issues and limitations1133922024-02-285213
14Honorlock - Discuss accommodation plans with individual students1133952024-02-282297
15Honorlock - Implementing disability-related accommodations (Instructors)1042342024-02-286800
16Honorlock - Document individual accommodation plans1133962024-02-282217
17Honorlock - Add extended time and accommodate timed assessments1133982024-02-282917
18Comparison of Canvas Accessibility Tools: Accessibility Checker vs. UDOIT1083602024-02-263833
19Engage (RedShelf) Accessibility and Usability Information780062024-02-2111281
20Canvas Accessibility and Usability Information1085722024-02-164301
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