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Kaltura - Known Issue - Kaltura MediaSpace Gives "No matches found" Message When Trying to Add a User to a Channel, or When Using the Collaborators Function [UW-Madison]

Kaltura MediaSpace will give the error message "No matches found" when trying to add a user to a media item as a collaborator (co-editor, co-publisher, etc.) or a channel that has not logged in to Kaltura MediaSpace at least once.

In order to add a user to a channel in Kaltura MediaSpace or add a user as a collaborator, the user must have logged in at least once to Kaltura MediaSpace. If the user has not logged into Kaltura MediaSpace at least once, you will see the following error when trying to add them: "No matches found." Formerly users would see the error message "User was not found or is not eligible, choose a valid one."

If you see this, please contact the user you are trying to add and ask them to launch Chrome or Firefox and go to Kaltura MediaSpace: to login. If they need more information on how to log in to MediaSpace refer them to Kaltura - How to Log in to Kaltura MediaSpace [UW-Madison] .


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