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1 DARS/Faculty&Staff - Request a batch of individual DARS audits for multiple students
94355Office of the Registrar2020-11-111952
2 Honorlock - Document individual accommodation plans
113396Campus IT Accessibility & Usability2022-08-231103
3 Honorlock - Discuss accommodation plans with individual students
113395Campus IT Accessibility & Usability2022-08-231204
4 Log4J - Local checks to find Log4J on individual computers
5 Office 365 - Options for Individual and Programmatic Sending
14051Office 3652021-02-1623163
6 Individual Building Closures
53048HR Policies2019-04-053960
7 Accommodations during covid-19 disruption (L&S): Supporting individual students who miss class due to illness, quarantine, or bereavement
104537L&S KB2022-06-022261
8 Individual Conflict of Interest: Whom to Contact for Assistance
32881VCRGE and Graduate School2022-05-0316673
9 Individual Financial Conflict of Interest: What to Report
32879VCRGE and Graduate School2020-07-2748258
10 LMS Spaces - Manage how long individual participants keep their LMS access
65769Continuing Studies Information System2020-05-142675
11 How to Add a New External Site or Individual to an Approved Study
17732Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2019-04-229593
12 Office 365 (Outlook on the web | Outlook for Windows/Mac) - Accessing Another User's Email Folders
38852Office 3652022-07-1853535
13 Communicating with Sections and Individuals in Large Courses
103659Instructional Resources2022-07-281318
14 IRB Guidance: UW-Madison Acting as IRB of Record
75223ED/SBS IRB Office2022-06-273705
15 NetID Login Service - Individuals with Multiple Identities
67052Identity and Access Management2022-05-254299
16 L&S Payments to Individuals
20160L&S KB2022-04-015367
17 Collaborative Research and Single IRB Review
21707Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2022-10-0355396
18 KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Shared-private (Privately Shared Docs)
11800KB User's Guide2022-06-1623720
19 KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Embedding user specific content in KB documents (HTML editor only)
20307KB User's Guide2022-05-2520222
20 Canvas - File Storage and Quotas in Canvas (UW-Madison)

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