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New Student Application Overview with Screenshots

This document shows the questions that are on the application that applicants encounter.

Applicants currently apply through the Graduate School's electronic application portal. The application home page shows the landing page an applicant sees when they first log in. The Navigation tab is on every page of the application (not the home page). The pages of the application are: Personal Information, Citizenship Information, Program Select, Supplemental Applications, Education, Statements & CV, Recommendations, Funding (if applicant selected US Citizen, US Permanent Resident, or Refugee), Residency, and Sign & Submit.

Some of the screenshots below are small and you may need to zoom in with the browser. Also linked at the bottom of this page is a downloadable pdf that shows all of the screenshots for each page (although isn't as comprehensive as this kb).

Application Home Page

This is the homepage an applicant lands on when they log in. Under Program(s) - Deadline, it shows all applications started and/or submitted.

Homepage for applicants

There are 6 columns on this page:

  1. Program(s) - Deadline - this shows the name of each program that has been selected in an application that has been started by an applicant. It also shows the display deadline which will be green if the deadline hasn't passed and red if the deadline has passed but the program accepts late application (i.e. soft deadline).

  2. Documents - This is updated when the application is submitted. 

  3. Recommendations - This is updated once the letters of recommendation have been submitted by the recommenders listed.

  4. Status - This is listed as "In Progress" if the application has not been submitted or "Completed" if the applicant has submitted and paid for the application. 

  5. Submitted Date - This is the date and time the application was submitted (in CST).

  6. Status Check - When the application is submitted, there will be a red button that says "Review Status" that the applicant can click to see where there application is in the process.

Navigation Tab

Once an applicant starts an application or returns to an unsubmitted application, there is a navigation column on the left side of every page in the application. 

 Navigation Column

  • Pages that the applicant has not navigated to will have a grey background on the image next to the title.
  • Pages the applicant has navigated to will have a red background for the image next to the title.
  • Pages with all information completed will have a red background with a green check mark. 
  • The current page title will be highlighted with a yellow box.

Personal Information

This page collects personal information about the applicant.

Personal Information Application Page

The information collected is:

  • Name - Prefix, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Suffix, Preferred Name, Primary Name. There is an option to add additional names.
  • Home Address - Country, Street Address, City, State/Province, Postal Code, Effective From date.
  • Mailing Address - Country, Street Address, City, State/Province, Postal Code, Effective From date.
  • Personal Information - Cell Phone Number, Home Phone Number, Sex, Gender Identity, Date of Birth, and Pronouns.

Citizenship Information

This page collects the applicant's citizenship information.

Citizenship Page

The information collected is:

  • Place of Birth - Country of Birth, City. If Country of Birth selected is United States, an additional box appears asking for State.
  • Citizenship - Country of Citizenship, Citizenship Status, Social Security Number.
    • Social Security Number: If applicant chooses Yes to Social Security Number, a box appears to put a number in. If the applicant chooses no, an additional question appears asking if they have an International Taxpayer Identification Number. If the answer is yes, a box appears to put a number in.

There are additional questions depending on the applicant's response to some of the questions on this page.

US Citizen

If the applicant selects US Citizen, US Permanent Resident, or Refugee/Granted Political Asylum from the radio buttons, these additional questions show up:

US Citizen Questions

New information requested:

  • United States Military and Peace Corp Status - Have you or a parent or spouse served in the US Military, have you served as a US Peace Corps Volunteer
  • Race/Ethnicity - Ethnicity and Race options.
    • Ethnicity - if applicant chooses yes for Hispanic or Latino origin, additional questions appear.
    • Race - if applicant chooses American Indian or Alaskan Native, additional questions appear.

Race/Ethnicity questions

Non-US Citizen

If applicant selects Non-US Citizen radio button, these additional questions appear:

Non US Citizen additional questions

New information requested:

  • Current Visa Status - this is a drop down menu of common visa types.
  • Will you be bringing dependents with you - this question is no longer relevant, but it is not worth trying to have it removed since eApply is sunsetting in the next year.

Program Select

This page is where the applicant will select the program or programs they will apply to. The can select up to three programs.

Program Selection

An applicant must first select the term they wish to apply for. Once the term is selected, then they will have the option of applying up to three programs that have open admissions for that selected term.

Program Select Boxes

In order to select a program, the student picks from a list of open programs:

Program List

There is also a red box warning the applicant that they must select their programs before the continue on the Supplemental Apps and Recommendations. This box stays on this page until the applicant clicks the red X in the corner and then the warning goes away for the rest of the application process (unless a new application is started from scratch).

Warning box

Supplemental Applications

Supplemental applications are different for every program. Your program may choose to have no additional questions. Only programs that have supplemental questions will show in the table on this page.

Supplemental Apps

In the table, the status of the supplemental questions will be either "Incomplete" or "Complete". The applicant will see a blue "Start" button if they have completed all of the required questions in the supplemental app. The applicant will see an icon of a pen if they have previously completed their supplemental questions and wish to edit their responses. The best way for programs to view their supplemental questions is to start a fake application in the applicant system and select the program they wish to view the questions for.


This page collects previous education, unofficial test scores, and research experience.

Education Page

Previous Institutions

When an applicant clicks the red "+Add" button in the Previous Institutions, a pop up box appears:

Education Pop up list

 Information requested:

  • Institution - This is a pick list. There is an option for the application to choose "Institution Not Found" which allows the applicant to enter the institution name, city, and state.

Institution Pick List

  • Degree expected or received - This is a drop down list. The options are Associate, Bachelors or initial degree, Masters, Doctorate, Other, or No Degree
  • Attended From - This is a calendar box
  • Does this institution use a 4.0 grading scale - if the applicant selects no, the GPA box includes an additional box for scale.
  • Class Rank and Size - This is a number box.
  • Major - This is free text and allows the applicant to write in any major.
  • Degree Date - This is an optional calendar box.
  • Attended to date - This is a calendar box.
  • GPA - This is a number box.
  • PDF transcript upload box - This is where the applicant will upload a pdf of their unofficial transcript. This must be a PDF and it must be less than 4 MB in size.

Once that information is submitted, a new row appears in the Previous Institutions Box on the Education page:

Education Table with institution in it

Test Scores

When an applicant clicks the red "+Add" button in the Test Scores  box, a new pop up appears:

Add New Test Scores box

Information requested:

  • Test - Options available from drop down list: GRE Test Scores, GRE Subject Test, TOEFL English Proficiency, IELTS English Proficiency
  • Has this test been taken - If applicant selects yes, additional boxes appear for the applicant to enter scores for specific parts of the selected test.
  • Date Taken or Expected to Take - Date field
  • Registration Number - Required if the answer to has this test been taken is yes. 

Once that information is submitted, a new row appears in the Test Scores Box on the Education page: 

New rows in test score box once saved

Research Experience

If the applicant answers yes to the question "Have you had previous Research Experience (excluding coursework), additional information is requested:

Research experience questions

Additional information requested is

  • How many total months of full time experience? - This is a drop down box of numbers.
  • How many total months of part time experience? - This is a drop down box of numbers. If any numbers are selected in this question, an additional box appears asking "Average hours per week" and is a free text box.

Statements & CV

This page collects a statement of purpose for every program the applicant has selected and has a place for the applicant to upload their curriculum vitae.

Statements and CV


This page collects recommender information. Please note that all applicants waive their rights to view letters submitted by recommenders.


When an applicant clicks the red "+Add" button, a pop up appears to collect the information.

Request New Recommendation pop up

The information collected:

  • Check box for which program this recommender is writing for
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Title
  • Company/Institution
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Note to Recommender

There is a statement at the top of this box that states "I understand that by filling out this application, I am agreeing to use this electronic letter of recommendation system and waive my rights to view letters submitted by my recommenders." It is very important that you do not show applicants or current students the letters of recommendation that were uploaded to their application for any reason, even if the applicant claims the did not waive their rights.

When the applicant clicks Save, another pop up appear asking if the applicant would like the request sent to the recommender now or save for later:

Request to send notification now

Once the decision is made, the Recommendations Requested table is updated:

New row in Recommendations Requested

If the applicant does not send the request initially, they can visit this page any time and send a request using the "Send Request" button next to the recommender's name. A new request is allowed once every 24 hours.


This page collects information on pipeline program participation and financial information and lets the applicant know whether they may be able to apply for a graduate school fee grant.

Funding page questions

Information requested include

  • Are you applying for loans or work study?
  • Program participation for pipeline programs that may be eligible for graduate school fee grants
  • Pell Grant recipient
  • SSI disability Benefits
  • Gates Millennium scholar
  • Free or reduced lunch?

You can find more information about fee grants on the Graduate School Fee Grant Eligibility page.


This page takes the applicant to the residency website hosted outside of the application portal. This is the notification they see:

Residency application notification

Once the applicant finished the residency information, they are automatically redirected back into the application portal.

Sign & Submit

This page asks for additional information and requires the applicants electronic signature. The applicant cannot access this tab until they have completed the residency tab.

Sign and Submit page

Information requested includes

  • Parents or legal guardians attend a higher education institution - This is to track whether they are a first-generation college student.
  • Documented disability - this is for tracking purposes only and to let the applicant know about the McBurney Disability Resource Center on campus
  • Academic or Behavioral Misconduct - If the applicant answers yes, a free text box appears to allow them to describe the misconduct and disciplinary actions. The answers to this question are only reviewed by leadership in the Graduate School.
  • Number of family members living in household

There are additional statements the applicant must acknowledge by clicking the check mark and then placing their electronic signature in the signature box.

Once an applicant clicks on the "Pay & Submit Application" button, they cannot make any changes to the application. They must continue on to pay and submit application before they can edit their application again.

PDF of all application questions


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