Course Proposal: Course Content Information

Course Learning Outcomes 

The learning outcomes listed on the course proposal form are considered part of the governance approved course. If they need to change, a course change proposal would be required. The course learning outcomes will be used in the learning management system (Canvas), course evaluations (AEFIS) and for student learning assessment.

Course learning outcomes state what students are expected to know or be able to do upon completion of a course. Course learning outcomes may contribute, or map to, program learning outcomes, and are required in group instruction course syllabi.

The course learning outcomes included in a course proposal are an integral part of the course and all outcomes must be a part of all offerings of the course (regardless of modality, term, instructor, section, credits, etc.). In the syllabus for a particular term, the instructor may add section level learning outcomes in addition to the governance-approved course learning outcomes.
Course Learning Outcomes:
    • are clear, observable, and measurable
    • reflect how students will be assessed through activities such as participation, assignments, exams, etc.
    • typically relate to one or more program learning outcomes
    • meet the campus format requirements
    • must be 400 characters or less per learning outcome
    • must be in English
    • cannot have special characters (accents, umlats, etc.) in the Lumen Course Proposal. It is fine to use special characters etc. in the syllabus document.
    • cannot utilize formatting (bullets, dashes, etc.)
    • do not start with "Students will..." - this is assumed/implied

It is critical that the course learning outcomes are written in a way that they can be assessed. Information about UW-Madison course level learning outcomes policies and practices.

Watch a video about writing high quality learning outcomes.

Credit hours meet credit hour policy 

UW-Madison has a credit hour policy that must be observed by all for-credit courses. This policy applies to courses not just when they are proposed but each time they are offered. For more information, see the Policy on the Credit Hour.

Please upload a syllabus. 

Uploaded files may be in the .pdf or .docx file format. All new course and course change proposals require a sample syllabus that meets the university's syllabus requirements. A checklist of required items is included on the form to help proposers verify that they have included all required elements. Sample syllabi that do not include all required elements will be returned to the proposer and the approval process will be delayed.

For more information, see the Policy on the Course Proposal Sample Syllabus Requirements.

Please provide additional information, as necessary, to further describe your course. 

In some instances it may be helpful to include additional information or documentation not otherwise required on the course proposal form.

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