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1Lumen/Guide Access787472024-06-128162
2Lumen/Guide: Table help693952024-06-114004
3Lumen/Guide: Footnotes (Table Help)1216812024-06-111261
4Procedures: Naming Conventions and URLs for Guide Pages883572024-06-111989
5Procedures: Course Draw Principles/Logic940212024-06-111589
6Lumen/Guide: Taking Action on Proposals (using workflow)789222024-06-113728
7Procedures: Course List Principles for Inclusion/Display in the Guide1071522024-06-111307
8Procedures: Capstone Certificate Standard Minimum Requirements in Guide1161562024-06-11961
9Guide: Publishing1078912024-06-111668
10Procedures: Guide Updating Principles by Tab Procedures693832024-06-114244
11Procedures: Promotional Guide Pages883872024-06-112056
12Procedures: Guide Tab Structure693972024-06-112008
13Procedures: Guide Approved Language for New or Discontinued Programs882442024-06-111751
14Procedures: Adding and Removing Pages in Guide1079162024-06-111120
15Lumen/Guide: Deadlines (2024-2025 academic year)944172024-06-116914
16Procedures: Lumen as the Single Source of Truth1069162024-06-111877
17Procedures: Midcycle Updates1079182024-06-111552
18Academic and Curricular Policy Repository Action Committee (ACPRAC)1071362024-06-071989
19Guide: Guide Coordinator Contact Information678502024-02-283240
20Lumen: DAPIR/RO Roles and Responsibilities Lumen/Student Information System1076292024-02-021436
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