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Course Proposal: Review and Approve

This page is intended to help those who are in approver roles to navigate the course proposal system. If you're not sure who is in a role, see the data viz to find out. This KB does not include information about the process of reviewing and approving the proposal, which is available here: Policy on the Course Proposal Review Process - Purpose, Standards and Responsibilities. You are encouraged to review the policy about the responsibilities of approving courses at various steps of the workflow and consult your department and school or college regarding requirements and standards for granting approval of a proposal.

Once a proposal hits your step of workflow, you will receive an email. The email provides:

  • the subject/course number and title of the proposal needing approval
  • a link to the approval console where that proposal is located.

Note: If you are an approver on multiple subjects you will need to navigate the role dropdown for each role (the menus are based on role not the person(s) in the role). If you'd rather see all of your courses needing approval, see the data viz and search by your net-id.

Approving a Course through the Approve Console

Once you select a proposal in your step of workflow step, the proposal form will appear with a bar at the top with the various actions that an approver can take.

Top of Approval form including the "page review", "see change", and actions such as "approve, rollback, and edit"
  1. Page Review
    1. Print or create a pdf copy of the proposal Note: Be sure to go to the bottom of the proposal and click on the syllabus and other documents that were uploaded as part of the proposal. These are not automatically included in the printed/pdf copy of the proposal.
  2. View changes by
    1. If multiple people have made changes to a proposal it is possible to view the proposal only seeing the edits made by specific users. For course change proposals clicking Hide Changes will return the proposal to its last approved state.
  3. Actions:
    1. Edit: Make changes to the submitted proposal. Once a proposal has been submitted to workflow it can not be edited via the main Course Inventory Management console. Only users in the approver role step that the proposal is currently at or in a future workflow step may edit a proposal and it must be done through the Approve Pages console.
    2. Rollback: If the proposal can not be approved until changes are made by the proposer or other person associated with a previous approval step, click Rollback, select the workflow step that the proposal should be sent back to and enter a comment describing the edits that are needed and click Save. This will send an email notification to those in the Approver step selected and the proposal will be moved back to the selected, previous step in the approval process with a comment explaining what is needed. The proposal will then have to go through all approval steps from the point of the rollback. (ex. If the UCC step rolls a proposal back to the proposer it must be approved again by the department/subject, the school/college etc. If the UCC step rolls it back to the school/college step then only the steps listed after that step would have to approve before it came back to the UCC.) Do not select the CrosslistedSubjs or CrosslistedCols step, the proposal should be sent back to the proposer, the subject owner or the school/college of the subject owner.
    3. Approve: Clicking the Approve button approves the proposal and moves it to the next step of workflow. It will immediately disappear from the screen and from the list of courses needing approval by that role.

To approve the proposal but include a comment first click Add Comment, enter text and click Save.

Once the Approve button is clicked the proposal will disappear from the list of courses on the approval console. It can be accessed again using the search feature on the main page of the proposal system and comments can be added but no additional edits can be made.

Cross-listed courses

If the course you need to review and approve is at a cross-listed step of workflow, it will not appear on the approval console. There are two ways to access this "approve screen" for this proposal:

  1. The link provided in the email.
  2. Searching for it on the main course proposal screen.

At the cross-listed step of workflow, courses cannot be edited, nor rolled back. If you do not want to approve a course in the cross-listed step, ask your school/college academic planner to assist in the rolling back of a course proposal to remove a cross-listing.

The approve page for courses at the cross-listed subject or college step.

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