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HelioCampus AC - Eval Survey Form - Using the CLO Placeholder (Admin) [UW-Madison]

AEFIS is now HelioCampus AC. For information about the HelioCampus AC rebrand, review this KnowledgeBase document

HelioCampus AC (Formerly AEFIS) administrators have the option of including a course learning outcome (CLO) question. In the evaluation students will self evaluate if they learned the outcome. There are several options for answering: prior to taking the course, after taking the course, both before and after or neither.

Adding a Course Learning Outcome (CLO) Question Placeholder to a Survey Form

  1. Create a new survey form, or navigate to an existing survey form.
    1. To create a new form, refer to HelioCampus AC - Eval Survey Form - Creating a Survey Form (Admin) [UW-Madison]
    2. To edit an existing form, refer to HelioCampus AC - Eval Survey Form - Editing Title and Details (Admin) [UW-Madison]
  2. The survey form must be in draft mode to make changes.
    1. If it has already been published, you must unpublish it.
    2. If it has already been used by a survey schedule, then you cannot unpublish it. Instead, please copy this survey form, and create a new one.
  3. Add questions to your Survey Form.
    1. See HelioCampus AC - Eval Survey Form - Creating and Editing Questions (Admin) [UW-Madison].
  4. If you want students to self evaluate if they learned a CLO, add the CLO placeholder. Make sure to enter descriptive text and choose to evaluate one of the following:
    1. Before Taking This Course
    2. After Taking This Course
    3. Before AND After Taking The Course, or
    4. None of the Above

CLO placeholder parameters

  • CLOs are stored in the course catalog using Lumen, and transfer into HelioCampus AC. 
  • The student view will list each outcome followed by the options chosen. In the sample below, the option to self evaluation "After Taking This Course" was chosen.
  • Another option is to ask the student to rate their overall knowledge of the course learning outcome. In this scenario the better option may be Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent. 

    Student view of CLO question.

  • If a course does not have CLOs, the question will appear like this example to students.
    No CLOs available

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