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Kaltura - Known Issue - Upload results in Oops error

This document describes an occasional error users may experience when trying to upload media to Kaltura MediaSpace or via the Kaltura Canvas integration. These errors became more common after late August 2020 when Kaltura did work to further scale their services. Kaltura continues to improve their upload infrastructure and process to further reduce these errors.

An example upload error:
An example screenshot of an "Oops! Uploaded bytes exceed file size" error message.

There are different versions of the error including:

  • Oops! Upload Failed
  • Oops! Uploaded bytes exceed file size
  • Oops! Internal database error
  • Oops! Failed to match expected file size


Users may see this error when attempting to upload media via Kaltura MediaSpace or the Kaltura Canvas integration. The errors seem to be more common with larger files over 1.5 GB in size and when uploading via fast connections. The recent November 2020 reports are from users with upload connections of over 200 Mbps.


On 10/2/20 Kaltura indicated that the issues with more frequently upload errors should largely be resolved which caused Learn@UW-Madison to mark this issue as "Resolved". Learn@UW-Madison started seeing additional reports of upload errors in early November so we have removed the "Resolved" designation. Learn@UW-Madison is engaging with Kaltura on the issue. If you do experience an upload error you can try again. You can also fill out the Kaltura upload error reporting form to let Learn@UW-Madison know or contact the DoIT Help Desk.


Try uploading your file again

Retrying your upload may result in a successful upload. Users can also try uploading from another internet connection or exporting, publishing, or compressing it to a smaller size (for example choosing 720p - 1280 x 720 frame size - in Powerpoint, Camtasia, or other software) before uploading. Users may also consider splitting up their video into smaller segments and uploading the smaller segments.

Even when Kaltura MediaSpace is running smoothly other internet service providers may experience slower service which could limit your upload speed. Test your speed by going to, and click Go to run the test. Upload speeds and Kaltura's upload performance varies, but an upload speed of 10 Mbps should be able to upload a 250 MB file to Kaltura in about 4.5 minutes.

Contact the DoIT Help Desk

If you consistently have problems uploading to Kaltura MediaSpace contact the DoIT Help Desk. They can help with initial troubleshooting. If they cannot resolve the issue for you they will escalate your ticket to the Learn@UW-Madison team for additional investigation. Learn@UW-Madison will likely need you to capture network log files to share with Kaltura. 

Capturing network log files in Chrome

  1. With Chrome open on the Kaltura MediaSpace upload page after having clicked through the notification ( click F12. The console will appear.
  2. On the console click the Network tab:
    A screen capture showing a Chrome browser window on the Kaltura MediaSpace upload page with the developer console open on the right. The cursor is over the "Network" tab which is outlined in orange to help point it out.
  3. Click the Clear button to clear any previous network traffic captured:
    A screen capture showing a detail of the Chrome developer console open. The cursor is over the "Clear" button which is outlined in orange to help highlight it.
  4. Click Choose a file to upload and start uploading your file. You will see the network traffic in the console being logged.
  5. When the file is done uploading the error message appears right click on any of the lines and select Save all as HAR with content:
    A screen capture showing a detail of the network console. The user has right clicked on one of the lines. The cursor is over "Save all as HAR with content" which is outlined in orange to help highlight it.
  6. Upload the HAR file to Google Drive or Box to share with Learn@UW-Madison who will also share it with Kaltura. You can save some upload time and space by zipping the HAR file first.

More info on capturing network log files is available in Kaltura document How to Capture Network Traffic Logs for Kaltura Support?

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