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Kaltura - Known Issue - NetID Change Causes User to Lose Access to Media [UW-Madison]

When a UW-Madison user's netid changes that user's media is no longer viewable to them in Kaltura MediaSpace. This document describes the cause and workaround.

Once a UW-Madison user's netid changes, there is no automated system to update a user's information in Kaltura. A user's media needs to be manually assigned ownership to the user's new netid. Learn@UW-Madison works to proactively catch netid changes and assign media to the user's new netid, but it is possible a user will notice this prior to Learn@UW-Madison catching this.


This affects any user who has had their netid change and uploads and uses media in Kaltura MediaSpace.


This issue is present and will exist until an automated system for updating netids in Kaltura is developed.


If a user notices that their media has disappeared in Kaltura MediaSpace and changed their netid, the user should contact the DoIT Help Desk and ask to be escalated to the Learn@UW-Madison team so the Kaltura system administrator can manually reassign their media back to them and their new netid.

Learn@UW-Madison - The Kaltura system administrator periodically will receive "NetID Change" e-mails from When the sysadmin receives these changes, they login to the KMC and check to see if that user owns any Kaltura media (see steps 1-3 below). If they do not, no action is taken. However these NetID changes are only checked periodically so it is possible a user will notice their media is missing before we manually change the owner and thus we could receive a ticket from the DoIT Help Desk.

If the user does own media in Kaltura, the Kaltura sysadmin (or another Learn@UW-Madison team member) should:

  1. Login to the Kaltura Management Console (KMC).
  2. From the Content tab, search on the user's old netid. Any media owned by that user will show up.
  3. Click the checkbox above all the media on the left to select all the media items.
  4. Click the More Actions drop-down menu and select Change Owner.
  5. Enter the user's new netid in the Change Owner window and click Apply to all selected entries.
    NOTE that if the user has not logged into Kaltura their new netid will not be available to assign their media to or display. Kaltura accounts are only created when the user logs into Kaltura MediaSpace. It is probably easiest for most Learn@UW-Madison staff to communicate with the user to explain the situation, and ask them to login to Kaltura MediaSpace so their media can be assigned to their new NetID.
    Alternately a Learn@UW-Madison sysadmin can login to the Kaltura MediaSpace KAF, create a new user with the user's new netid and a privateonly role. The sysadmin can then go back to the KMC to assign the media to the user's new NetID. This is covered in detail in Kaltura - Creating a user account in Kaltura.

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