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Engage - Ordering eTexts/publisher Digital Learning Tools (DLTs) with the Order Tool

The Engage eText ordering period for the spring 2023 semester has been set. It is:

  • Spring: Oct 19-Nov 28

Instructors and course coordinators can make their textbook selections in the Order Tool only during this open ordering period.

This document describes how to submit orders for digital content for course sections using the Order Tool. The content ordered will be viewable in the Engage tool or a publisher Digital Learning Tool (DLT), depending on the materials ordered.

For accessibility concerns, please review Engage Order Tool - Accessibility & Usability Information

To see a list of terminology used in Engage, please refer to Engage - Engage Terminology.


Note: Only Instructors and Course Coordinators (curricular representatives) may order digital content for courses they have access to. For more information on roles (also called profiles) in the Order Tool, please review this document.

  • Instructors: After you are designated as Instructor on Record for your course, you will be added automatically (within 24-48 hours).
  • Course Coordinators: Coordinators can order content on behalf of instructors. Try logging into the Order Tool with your NetID and Password. If your account has not been created automatically, please contact the DoIT Help Desk to request one.

Placing an eText/DLT Order

Before ordering eTexts/DLTs, it’s important to understand ordering periods. Please review this information before beginning the order process.

  1. During the Ordering Period, log into the Order Tool with your NetID and Password.
  2. Select Place an Order from the Navigation Menu. You will see ordering periods listed with available course offerings.
    Order menu is open, with options: "place an order", "order history", and "content requests"
  3. Filter the course list to locate your course.
    Filters shown here: course subject, course number, and instructor name
  4. When you have found your course, click Start new order. If available, you can also Reorder prior materials.
    Example title is selected, and Start New Order icon is highlighted

  5. Search for your content by ISBN, title, or publisher. You can further filter by publisher and material type (eText vs DLT) after the initial search by checking the appropriate boxes on the left-hand side.

  6. When you’ve found the content you’d like to use, click the blue + symbol next to the price.

    Price of item is shown, with + (add) button highlighted

  7. At the top right of the screen, click Checkout.

    Image shows "checkout" button

  8. Check the box under Terms & conditions and click Submit Order.

    Image submit order button, located under terms and conditions

After you've placed your order, nothing more needs to be done. The eText attribute will be added to your course in the Course Search and Enroll app before enrollment begins. You do not need to enter anything additionally into Faculty Center.

Note: If you are ordering a publisher DLT, you do not need to order the corresponding eText as well; the eText is included in the DLT purchase!

Content Requests

If you were unable to find your materials after searching, you can place a content request by following these steps: 

  1. Click Submit a Content Request above the search bar.
    Image shows "submit a content request" button
  2. Enter in the Title (required) and as many additional fields (Publisher, Author, Edition, ISBN) as possible. Then click Add Content Request.
  3. Follow steps 7 and 8 above.

Alternatively, using the Reorder function will automatically submit a content request for you. Content requests can be viewed and managed through the Content Request Tool. This can be accessed by selecting Content Requests from the Order menu. 

Order menu is open with Content Request highlighted

More information can be found in Unizin’s documentation for placing an order.

Note: These steps assume that you have first searched for your digital materials - if you have not, please first follow the directions in the prior panel. Searching is the way to bring up the link to submit a Content Request.

Ordering Considerations

Reordering Materials

If you will be using the same materials as a prior semester, you can also reorder those materials in a more streamlined manner. Please use the process outlined in this document to reorder your materials.

Ordering for Crosslisted and Meets-With Courses

If your course is crosslisted, you do not need to place an order for all sections. You will only need to place an order for the primary course. For example, if you’re teaching Finance 300 (primary), which is crosslisted with Econ 300, you will need to place an order only for Finance 300. 

Meets-with courses are handled differently. These require ordering for each section. For example, if you teach M E 200 and it meets-with E M A 300, you will need to place an order for both M E 200 and E M A 300. 

If you’re unsure of the difference, please review this Registrar Cheat Sheet.

Modifying your Order

The order tool provides several options for modifying your order, once you’ve placed it:

NOTE: Please disregard instructions for Program Administrators in the above Unizin documents.

Note on Searching: You can search ISBN, by title, or by author. Typically, ISBN is easiest. If you're having trouble finding your eText/DLT, you can use the filters to show only eText, only DLT, or only a specific publisher. If you still cannot find the correct materials, you can submit a Content Request. These requests will be reviewed by Unizin and the materials added to the Order Tool's catalog. It should be noted that, depending on when submitted, they may not be available by the time the order period closes.

How to Handle New Sections/Dropped Sections

If you are teaching a course that is using Engage and a new section is added after you've placed your order, you will need to order your eText/DLT for the new section. If the ordering period has passed, please contact the DoIT Help Desk to have a case sent to the Engage Team to get that ordered.

If a section is dropped, you do not need to do anything - the order will cancel automatically.

Course Setup

Next Steps for Instructors

For next steps (such as creating your syllabus or setting up your course) please review the following documents:

Course Setup

Creating your Syllabus

Interacting with students


Note: Social features such as having students share their notes are not accessible and should not be used as a grade item. Annotations should be made available in a Word document for students who need an accessible version. 

Get Help


There are additional resources at your disposal for using Engage eTexts and DLTs:

If you need assistance with ordering, or have any questions about it, please first contact the DoIT Help Desk for further assistance.

For accessibility information, please review this document. You can also reach out to the McBurney Disability Resource Center for additional assistance. 

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