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Kaltura - Legal and Policy Information [UW-Madison]

This document is for UW-Madison users of the Kaltura media streaming service who upload media and have questions about the upload message.

Kaltura displays a message reminding users of responsibilities and things to consider when using the Kaltura MediaSpace media streaming service. This message reads:

This is an image of the Kaltura upload message

Before uploading a media file, you must read the message and check the checkbox. This reminds Kaltura users of several rules for using Mediaspace:

  • Keep a copy of any media they upload to Kaltura MediaSpace.
  • Abide by applicable UW System and Institution acceptable use,copyright,accessibility, and harassment policies as well as applicable state, local, and federal laws and regulations.


Keep a backup of your media

Users should keep a copy of media they upload to Kaltura MediaSpace. There are a few reasons for this:

  • If you leave UW-Madison you'll have a local copy of your media to bring to another institution. While you can submit a request to get links to download your media, the links only last for 24 hours and it can take a while to download your media.

  • If you accidentally delete a piece of media you can re-upload it. Or, you can re-upload a file if you are a co-editor or co-publisher for a piece of media that is deleted by the owner. You can submit a request to restore deleted media, but sometimes this is not possible. Having your own backup copy is your best option.

  • The message mentions that "Materials uploaded to this service may be deleted if it has not received any plays within two years." This is currently not implemented at UW-Madison but our Kaltura contract requires it. At some point we will have to implement this and want to encourage Kaltura users to think about keeping local copies of their media. Exactly how the media deletion system will work has not been determined. Learn@UW-Madison will communicate to campus when more details and a timeline are available.

Options to store your media

Consider keeping a copy of your media on a departmental server (if your department has one), or campus backup services like Bucky Backup, or other campus backup services.


Users should read UW System's Copyright information page. Media with copyrighted materials should be behind a password-protected for class use. One way to protect media is by embedding it in Canvas (as described in Canvas - Upload and Embed a New Kaltura Mediaspace Video in a Canvas Page [UW-Madison]).

More copyright resources:

Accessibility and Captioning

Consider captioning your media to make it more accessible to all users. See the following resources on accessibility at UW-Madison:

There are a number of options to caption media:

FERPA and HIPAA compliance

  • Kaltura MediaSpace content is an educational record if it identifies students, or contains content contributed by students. FERPA regulations apply to this type of record.

  • FERPA regulations require you to protect content from disclosure without student consent.

    • Disclosure in this context includes use outside of the class.

      • For example, posting student content openly on the Internet.

  • Faculty who intend to post original student work in such a manner may do so with the students’ permission or by providing an opt out option for individual students.

  • For additional information on FERPA please see the Office of the Registrar's resources on FERPA.

    • Be careful to not store or accidentally record and share material with electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) in Kaltura MediaSpace.