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281Faculty Senate Minutes 2015-11-0258686UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-074229
282Faculty Senate Minutes 2010-12-0653546UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072950
283Faculty Senate Minutes 2010-03-0153895UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072728
284Faculty Senate Minutes 2010-05-0353902UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-073089
285Faculty Senate Minutes 2015-10-0558155UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-073152
286Faculty Senate Minutes 2012-04-0953475UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072948
287Faculty Senate Minutes 2011-03-0753541UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-073132
288Faculty Senate Minutes 2009-12-0756488UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-071809
289Faculty Senate Minutes 2012-12-0353462UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-073026
290Faculty Senate Minutes 2012-10-0153469UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072817
291Faculty Senate Minutes 2011-05-0253534UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-073149
292Faculty Senate Minutes 2013-05-0653444UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072951
293Faculty Senate Minutes 2013-03-0453448UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072806
294Faculty Senate Minutes 2013-11-0452864UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072761
295Faculty Senate Minutes 2012-11-0553467UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072821
296Faculty Senate Minutes 2012-05-0753472UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072808
297Faculty Senate Minutes 2012-03-0553477UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072816
298Faculty Senate Minutes 2011-11-0753487UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-073341
299Faculty Senate Minutes 2011-12-0553484UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072715
300Faculty Senate Minutes 2011-10-0353488UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072882
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