Top Documents of the Week

  1. Word (Mac) - How to password protect and encrypt a document
  2. Excel (Win) - How to password protect and encrypt a workbook
  3. Palo Alto: Firewall Log Viewing and Filtering
  4. Excel (Mac) - How to password protect and encrypt a workbook
  5. Palo Alto: Security Zones, Profiles and Policies (Rules)
  6. Palo Alto: Security Profiles
  7. Encryption - Types of encryption and key concepts
  8. Phishing Detection and Remediation
  9. Palo Alto: Making URL Exceptions To Your URL-Filtering Security Profiles
  10. UW-Madison Palo Alto Firewall Services Readme
  11. Palo Alto: Application ID
  12. Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall - Rulesets on UW-Madison Wireless and WiscVPN networks
  13. Palo Alto: HIP Features - VPN, Host-Info and Firewall Security
  14. Spirion (Identity Finder) - Administrator FAQ
  15. Spirion (Identity Finder) - Creating a Custom Identity Finder Installer
  16. Palo Alto Firewalls: Creating Custom Reports
  17. Spirion (Identity Finder) - Scanning Emails
  18. Word (Win) - How to password protect and encrypt a document
  19. Spirion (Identity Finder) - Understanding Tags in the Console
  20. Cisco AMP - Running a Scan from the Local GUI
  21. Encryption - Issues to Consider Before Implementing Encryption
  22. OpenSSL - Heartbeat Vulnerability (aka "Heartbleed") Information
  23. Spirion (Identity Finder) - Using Regular Expressions to Find Custom Data
  24. Spirion (Identity Finder) - Using a Profile Password
  25. Spirion (Identity Finder) - Advanced Searching
  26. Spirion (Identity Finder) - Getting Started with Spirion for IT Administrators
  27. Palo Alto Network Firewall Advanced Protection Implementation Summary
  28. Spirion (Identity Finder) - How to Save and Retrieve the Results of a Scan
  29. Spirion (Identity Finder) - Performing a Scan
  30. UW Firewall Administration Policy Summary
  31. Encryption - Encryption Tools Matrix
  32. Spirion (Identity Finder) - Effective Remediation Strategies with Identity Finder
  33. Spirion (Identity Finder) - Taking Action on the Scan Results
  34. Cisco AMP - Reporting an Issue With AMP on DoIT SE Managed Servers
  35. Palo Alto: Security Policies
  36. Spirion (Identity Finder) - Scheduling a Scan Using the Client (Win)
  37. SSL Certificate Types and Purposes
  38. SSL Certificate FAQs
  39. SSL Installing Intermediate Certificates
  40. SSL Certificates - How to verify that your intermediate certificates are installed correctly

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