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Lumen Program Proposal: Expiration Policy

Policy detailing how and when a Lumen Program proposal will be eliminated/shredded due to inactivity or lack of progression.

Once a Lumen Program proposal has been created, it is important to complete the proposal and route it through the approval process in a timely manner. It is the responsibility of the proposer to ensure the proposal is advancing. 

If a Lumen Program proposal is not advancing, it will be subjected to the following criteria to be automatically removed from the proposal system:

  • From the time the proposal is initiated/created, the proposer has six months to submit the proposal into Lumen workflow for review.
  • A proposal then has one year from the time of submission to workflow to receive full approval.

If a proposal is not submitted to Lumen workflow for review within six months of being initiated/created, and/or if the proposal is not fully approved within one year of being submitted to workflow, the proposal will be canceled and removed from the Lumen proposal system. This cancellation and removal process is also called "shredding" of the proposal.

Data, Academic Planning and Institutional Research (DAPIR) will do audits to identify proposals that are expired, per this policy, and will automatically shred those proposals. If a proposer would like to request that a Lumen Program proposal be shredded, that request should be emailed to 

Note: Any proposal that reaches a DAPIR or Office of the Registrar workflow step will not be shredded. 

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