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Honorlock - Implementing disability-related accommodations (Instructors)

This document summarizes the steps for providing reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities in Honorlock. This document also includes ways instructors can support the student in the online proctoring experience.

Honorlock is an online auto-proctoring tool that can be linked to quizzes in Canvas. Honorlock online proctoring is similar to, but not the same as, live proctoring. While live proctoring includes a live person monitoring the exam session, online or auto-proctoring monitoring of the exam session is conducted by an automated system programmable by the instructor in the session settings. Honorlock can only work in a Chrome browser and requires a Chrome Extension. 

Using the Chrome Extension, Honorlock monitors the test taker while they take the standard Canvas Quiz that you have created, including any settings you have included about quiz availability, different testing times for particular students, and any extra time you have approved.  Thus, most students who are able to complete Canvas Quizzes without Honorlock proctoring will be able to complete the Canvas Quizzes with Honorlock proctoring.  However, it is important to discuss accommodations with students prior to using Honorlock as the students' accommodations may generate additional flags for review and/or may conflict with standard instructions you provide to students taking the quiz.

See more information on Honorlock at UW-Madison.

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Steps for Implementing Student Accommodations

Review the following steps for implementing Student Accommodations in Honorlock linked to descriptive guidance.

  1. Review known issues and limitations of Honorlock
  2. Setting up accommodations or bypass proctoring in Honorlock
  3. Discuss accommodation plans with individual students
  4. Document individual accommodation plans
  5. Add extended time and accommodate timed assessments

Review Honorlock session settings with accommodations in mind

Please note that there currently is no way to prevent Honorlock from flagging behaviors or actions that relate to students using their disability-related accommodations unless the instructor changes the exam settings for all students taking the exam. Instructors will need to objectively review exam results with the knowledge that Honorlock flags may be raised as a result of behavior associated with a disability or an otherwise legitimate student accommodation. If Honorlock settings are flagged during a student proctoring session, we recommend having a conversation with the student regarding triggered behaviors prior to finalizing your proctoring session evaluation.

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