Drop fold

Drop fold is a set of multiple pages that fold together as a booklet, and are then dropped into a machine that does a right angle fold, commonly for mailing.


FCS is a term for fold / collate / staple — the act of saddle stitching a booklet.

Flush cut

cut to the edge


strong, styrofoam-like board that printed material is mounted to


bindery term, one or more intentional creases in the paper

Gloss finish

shiny, reflective, smooth finish on paper or laminate


converting a continuous tone to dots for printing

Matte finish

dull paper, ink, or laminate finish

Offset Paper

term for uncoated paper


using an intermediate surface to transfer ink. This also occurs when images of freshly printed sheets transfer images to each other

Perf (Perforation)

a series of small cuts at regular intervals usually made to help a sheet tear apart evenly

Perfect bind

type of binding that uses glue on the spine of the sheets to adhere a cover to the sheets, like a phone book


see page 14, job F141491 for example

Right-Angle fold

two folds at right angles to each other

Self cover

a cover of the same paper as inside text pages