Against the grain

at right angles to direction of paper grain. Opposite of paper grain direction

Coil Bind

a plastic coil that has a 4:1 pitch ratio used as a binding material to hold a book together

Cover weight

heavier-weight (thicker/more-rigid) paper consisting of various grades

Customer's Originals

print ready copy


a quality control device to measure the density of printing ink


the degree of color or darkness of an image or photograph


metal rule or imaged block used to cut or place an image on paper in the finishing process


see duplex category


typically 3 or 5 circular holes on the binding-edge of a sheet of paper, created by drilling through paper 

 * 3 hole and 5 hole with 5/16" drill is standard 

Gloss finish

shiny, reflective, smooth finish on paper or laminate


the direction in which the paper fiber lie


metal fingers on a printing press that hold the paper as it passes through the press, the image is registered in relation to the gripper. Similar to sideguide


reoccurring unplanned spots that appear in the printed image from dust, lint, dried ink


the lightest areas in a picture or halftone

Image Area

portion of paper on which ink can appear




the arrangement of pages on a press sheet, or, the arrangement of fields on a document


putting an image on paper


adding copy to a previously printed page


postal information place on a printed product


an outline drawing (see also trim box defintion)


using a high-temperature process to melt plastic on paper, can be one or two-sided

Matte finish

dull paper, ink, or laminate finish


occurs when screen angles are wrong causing odd patterns in photographs

Multi on

two or more different images placed on one sheet two or more of the same images up on one sheet

Multi up

(see Step-and-repeat)


the image on a film that inverts color


using an intermediate surface to transfer ink. This also occurs when images of freshly printed sheets transfer images to each other


the amount of show-through on a printed sheet. The lesser the amount of show-through the thicker the paper, the more show-through the thinner the paper


material that is to be reproduced using various printing methods. i.e., PDFs, documents, photographs, artwork, product sample, or artist's drawing

Pantone Matching System

(PMS) Industry standard for ink mixing

Perf (Perforation)

a series of small cuts at regular intervals usually made to help a sheet tear apart evenly

Perfect bind

type of binding that uses glue on the spine of the sheets to adhere a cover to the sheets, like a phone book


see page 14, job F141491 for example


unit of measurement. One pica = 1/6 inch

Right-Angle fold

two folds at right angles to each other


to use a separate plate for front and back printing, using the same gripper and guide for both sides of the sheet

Side guide

the mechanical register unit on a printing press that positions a sheet from the side


a sheet of printed pages that when folded become part of a publication (i.e., book, magazine, etc.)


only one side of the page is printed, meaning the back side of each page is blank


the binding edge of a publication (i.e., book, magazine, etc.)


Stitch is a staple added to a printed packet or book, commonly in the upper left corner or along the left side of a booklet.

Tape Bind

a type of binding that uses a strip of durable tape to hold a book together lines that indicate where to trim before a job goes on the collator or other binding equipment, by doing this it allows the operator to still see the trim marks for final trim

Text weight

lighter-weight (thinner/pliable) paper consisting of various grades


a shade of a single color or combined colors


used to expand the dominant ink to be printed larger-than the less-dominant ink, used to help tight registration on offset printing

Trim Box

(see also Keyline defintion)

Trim marks

see crop marks

Trim size

finished size after final trim is made

UV Coating

protective liquid coating applied to printed sheets (similar to varnish), bonded and cured with ultra-violet (UV) light


clear ink-like substance that is applied to printed surfaces for appearance and protection

With the grain

folding or feeding paper into the press or folder parallel to the grain of paper