K, one of the four process colors used in the CMYK printing process, black in color. Also referred to as the Key color


printed image that extends beyond trim marks, so finished product does not have a white border (generally 1/8" is the setting for bleed)

Coil Bind

a plastic coil that has a 4:1 pitch ratio used as a binding material to hold a book together


a finishing term for gathering paper in a precise order

Customer's Originals

print ready copy


see duplex category


typically 3 or 5 circular holes on the binding-edge of a sheet of paper, created by drilling through paper 

 * 3 hole and 5 hole with 5/16" drill is standard 

Drop fold

Drop fold is a set of multiple pages that fold together as a booklet, and are then dropped into a machine that does a right angle fold, commonly for mailing.

Flush cut

cut to the edge


bindery term, one or more intentional creases in the paper

Gloss finish

shiny, reflective, smooth finish on paper or laminate


converting a continuous tone to dots for printing


the lightest areas in a picture or halftone


an outline drawing (see also trim box defintion)


using a high-temperature process to melt plastic on paper, can be one or two-sided


small magnifying glass used to review a printed image, plate, and position film

Multi on

two or more different images placed on one sheet two or more of the same images up on one sheet

Multi up

(see Step-and-repeat)


material that is to be reproduced using various printing methods. i.e., PDFs, documents, photographs, artwork, product sample, or artist's drawing


transparent cover sheet on artwork often used for instructions


Plate is a metal plate is imaged in a plate setter for each separation on an offset press job.

Plate gap

gripper space. The area where the grippers hold the sheet as it passes through the press

process color

the process of combining four basic colors to create a printed color picture or colors composed from the basic four colors

Right-Angle fold

two folds at right angles to each other


rough layout of a printed piece showing position and finished size

Self cover

a cover of the same paper as inside text pages


only one side of the page is printed, meaning the back side of each page is blank


Staple is a term for a staple added to a printed packet or book, commonly in the upper left corner or along the left side of a booklet.

Work and tumble

using the same plate and same guide, printing one side of a sheet, and flipping it from gripper to tail to print on the back of the sheet. Similar to perfecting but 2 passes


Y, one of the four process colors used in the CMYK printing process, yellow in color