Against the grain

at right angles to direction of paper grain. Opposite of paper grain direction


printed image that extends beyond trim marks, so finished product does not have a white border (generally 1/8" is the setting for bleed)

Crop marks

printed lines showing where to trim a printed sheet

Customer's Originals

print ready copy


a quality control device to measure the density of printing ink


the degree of color or darkness of an image or photograph


see duplex category


double-sided (see duplex category)


FCS is a term for fold / collate / staple — the act of saddle stitching a booklet.

Flush cut

cut to the edge

Gloss finish

shiny, reflective, smooth finish on paper or laminate


metal fingers on a printing press that hold the paper as it passes through the press, the image is registered in relation to the gripper. Similar to sideguide


the arrangement of pages on a press sheet, or, the arrangement of fields on a document


putting an image on paper

Matte finish

dull paper, ink, or laminate finish

Offset Paper

term for uncoated paper


using an intermediate surface to transfer ink. This also occurs when images of freshly printed sheets transfer images to each other

Pantone Matching System

(PMS) Industry standard for ink mixing


Pantone Matching System (see Pantone Matching System definition)

PMS 200

the mixed ink graphic standard for UW printing; also UW red

process color

the process of combining four basic colors to create a printed color picture or colors composed from the basic four colors


rough layout of a printed piece showing position and finished size


an intentional crease made in paper to help eliminate cracking when folded

Self cover

a cover of the same paper as inside text pages


to use a separate plate for front and back printing, using the same gripper and guide for both sides of the sheet

Side guide

the mechanical register unit on a printing press that positions a sheet from the side


a sheet of printed pages that when folded become part of a publication (i.e., book, magazine, etc.)


only one side of the page is printed, meaning the back side of each page is blank


the binding edge of a publication (i.e., book, magazine, etc.)


single-sided (see single-sided definition)

Stack by page or subset

to keep each piece separate or independent


Staple is a term for a staple added to a printed packet or book, commonly in the upper left corner or along the left side of a booklet.


the process of placing the same image on a single sheet or page of a document multiple times


Stitch is a staple added to a printed packet or book, commonly in the upper left corner or along the left side of a booklet.


the material to be printed on


a defined part of a set


Sheetwise (see sheetwise definition)


a shade of a single color or combined colors

Trim marks

see crop marks

Trim size

finished size after final trim is made


clear ink-like substance that is applied to printed surfaces for appearance and protection