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print ready copy


see duplex category


a halftone picture made up of two printed colors

Flush cut

cut to the edge


small magnifying glass used to review a printed image, plate, and position film

Multi on

two or more different images placed on one sheet two or more of the same images up on one sheet

Multi up

(see Step-and-repeat)

Page count

total number of pages in a book including blanks


typically 44 hole (on 11" sheet of paper) on the binding-edge of a sheet of paper, created by punching the paper using a die that punches out the holes

Side guide

the mechanical register unit on a printing press that positions a sheet from the side


a sheet of printed pages that when folded become part of a publication (i.e., book, magazine, etc.)

Stack by page or subset

to keep each piece separate or independent


a defined part of a set

UV Coating

protective liquid coating applied to printed sheets (similar to varnish), bonded and cured with ultra-violet (UV) light

UW red

the mixed ink graphic standard for UW printing; also PMS 200

Work and tumble

using the same plate and same guide, printing one side of a sheet, and flipping it from gripper to tail to print on the back of the sheet. Similar to perfecting but 2 passes

Work and turn

using the same plate and common guide, printing one side of a sheet, and flipping it from left to right to print on the back of the sheet


work and tumble (see work and tumble definition)