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41Course Search & Enroll - Dropping a Class152562024-05-1352745
42Course Search & Enroll - Finding your enrollment appointment time1151122024-05-038763
43SIS/Service Indicators - Viewing Service Indicators249172024-05-032683
44Student Center - Updating Your Legal Name, Birthdate or Gender1062832024-04-2922249
45Student Center - Withdrawing from a Term256012024-04-1532536
46SIS - Student Enrollment History Messages192772024-04-1559548
47SIS/Student Groups - Deleting a Student from a Student Group1184312024-04-151685
48SIS/Student Groups - Adding a Student to a Student Group1184382024-04-151812
49SIS/Student Groups - Inactivating a Student from a Student Group1184302024-04-151649
50SIS/Building Your Schedule of Classes - Scheduling a New Course1186522024-04-122145
51SIS/Building Your Schedule of Classes - Accessing the Course Catalog1186222024-04-121932
52SIS/Building Your Schedule of Classes - Overscheduled Times by Subject Report1215272024-04-121834
53Course Search & Enroll - Permission and Approval for Course Enrollment872912024-04-1113660
54Faculty Center - Class Roster Classes or Term Not Listed22152024-04-0916696
55Faculty Center - Submitting Grade Changes967192024-04-0910160
56Faculty Center - Cannot View Classes / Sections of Another Instructor21622024-04-0917297
57Faculty Center - Entering and Submitting Final Grades651382024-04-0924838
58SIS/Managing Your Enrollment - Faculty Center: Viewing Class Roster978932024-04-097729
59Student Center - Viewing Your Grades978022024-04-0521118
60Student Center - Degree Verification975332024-04-0525397
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