Top Documents of the Week

  1. Discovery Building Printing
  2. Quick Links
  3. VPN Connection and Client Installation
  4. Discovery Printers: Mac/OS X Setup
  5. Mapping a Network Drive
  6. Poster Printing: Acrobat on Windows (HP Printer)
  7. WID Data Storage
  8. WID Room Reservations and Events in the Discovery Building
  9. Discovery Printers: Windows Setup
  10. Morgridge Email Configuration
  11. Discovery Printers: Linux Setup
  12. Discovery Printers: Register at the Printer
  13. Poster Printing: Acrobat on Mac/OS X (HP Printer)
  14. Campus Data Storage
  15. Overview For WID Employees
  16. Discovery Building
  17. Voicemail Access
  18. Grants Applications in WID or Morgridge
  19. Duo two-factor authentication
  20. Wireless Network Setup on Windows
  21. Instructions for installing Mac printer drivers
  22. Ordering a New Computer
  23. Obtaining a Digital ID (Email Certificate)
  24. Password Updates
  25. Create a Black and White Printing Preset on Mac
  26. WID HR Resources
  27. Google G Suite (a.k.a. Drive) Storage Guidelines
  28. Compute Cluster
  29. Connecting a Phone to the WIDMIR Network
  30. Poster Printing: Acrobat on Mac/OS X (Canon Printer)
  31. Connecting to the Discovery-Guest Network
  32. Discovery Printers: Picking up your printouts without a WisCard
  33. File and Disk Use Reports
  34. Discovery Building Visitor Registry
  35. Phishing Email Reporting
  36. WID Ordering through the FAST (Financial Administrative Services Team) Queue
  37. Poster Printing: Acrobat on Windows (Canon Printer)
  38. Install Wireless Certificate
  39. Discovery AV Resources and Services
  40. WID Fiscal Resources

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