Top Documents This Week

  1. How do I qualify for the Dean's List?
  2. Award Management: Fund Numbers
  3. What does it mean to audit a course? What is the deadline to request to take a class on an audit basis?
  4. What is "Advancement?"
  5. What is my class standing?
  6. How can I determine my classification or class standing?
  7. What does it mean when I receive a grade of Incomplete (I)?
  8. Can I drop a course after the official drop deadline?
  9. What does it mean to drop a course?
  10. Is it possible to retake a course that I have already passed or received degree credit for?
  11. What does it mean if a course is graded on a credit/no credit basis?
  12. What does it mean to take a course pass/fail?
  13. What is a cross-listed course? How is it different from a "meets-with" course?
  14. L&S Departments, Programs, Centers & Institutes by Divisional Associate Dean
  15. Commencement in the College of Letters & Science
  16. What does it mean to withdraw from the university?
  17. What is the UW-Madison policy regarding accommodating religious observances and making up exams and/or assignments?
  18. What is a No Report (NR) grade?
  19. What are the policies related to TA spoken English proficiency?
  20. L&S Department ID/UDDS
  21. How do I know if I qualify for Graduation with Distinction or Distinction in the Major?
  22. L&S: Letter Templates for Academic and University Staff Appointments
  23. What is the L&S Academic Probation System?
  24. Recruitment of Non-Instructional and Renewable Instructional Academic Staff Appointments
  25. L&S Resources: how to create newsletters and announcements
  26. L&S Teaching Assistants: TA Awards
  27. What is the common credit load for L&S undergraduate students during the semester?
  28. L&S Letter Templates for Short-Term Staff
  29. FTE (Full Time Equivalent)
  30. L&S Human Resources/Payroll Office Department Contacts
  31. L&S Recruitment Tools
  32. L&S Teaching Report
  33. What does it mean if I receive a "Q" grade?
  34. Will a notation of "DR" have a negative impact on me?
  35. Academic Staff Promotion
  36. Courses that Meet the Ethnic Studies Requirement
  37. Criminal Background Check
  38. L&S Recruitment of Short-Term Staff
  39. L&S Short-term Staffing Plans
  40. What does it mean if I receive a grade of NW (No Work)?
  41. L&S Admin Training - "Academic Staff: Rate and Title Change Requests and Annual Promotion Review"
  42. L&S Standard Rates for Instructional Staff
  43. L&S Policy on Lecturer Appointments
  44. L&S Instructional Visiting Faculty
  45. L&S Post Degree Training
  46. Liberal Arts and Science (LAS), Level, and Breadth Designations - Review and criteria
  47. What is the class attendance policy for students at UW-Madison?
  48. TA Awards: Frequently Asked Questions
  49. General Education Committee members
  50. Employee Political Activities
  51. L&S Inclement Weather Guidelines
  52. Acronym Unscrambler
  53. Do international students need special permission to take fewer than 12 credits during the fall or spring semester
  54. What are the procedures for declaring or canceling an L&S major, Certificate or Option?
  55. L&S Undergraduate Directed/Independent Study Course Guidelines
  56. L&S Performance Review Forms
  57. L&S Annual Planning Processes for Short-Term Staffing and TA Appointments
  58. Lecturer (SA): Minimum Qualifications, Course Assignments, Supervision, Evaluation
  59. What is the L&S Academic Planning Council?
  60. What are L&S limits on "low enrollment" courses? Are there required sizes for class sections?
  61. Can I request an extension (extended incomplete ) to finish work for an Incomplete?
  62. L&S Admin Training Sessions
  63. Anonymous Fund Guidelines 2018-2019
  64. DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System)
  65. College of Letters and Science Unclassified Hourly Timesheet
  66. Open Meetings
  67. How do I submit an exception to make an adjustment to a student's L&S program requirements?
  68. Departmental Space Allocation
  69. Payments to Individuals
  70. L&S Teaching Assistant & Reader Staffing and Expenditure Plans
  71. Campus Photography Resources
  72. L&S Teaching Fellow Award: Nomination Guidelines for Departments
  73. Administrative Review of L&S Course Proposals
  74. Can I take more than 18 credits during the fall or spring semester? How many credits can I take during the summer term?
  75. Can a student earn more than one major in L&S?
  76. Recruitment of University Staff
  77. Fall TA Training
  78. L&S: Proposing New Courses & Changing Existing Courses
  79. Award Management: Sponsored vs. Non-Sponsored Projects
  80. L&S Academic Planning Council Meeting - Agendas and Notes

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