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The Division of Extension is not authorized to make agreements related to space use or rental. Thus, for agreements with an outside organization, part of UW, or other agency, for use or rental of space, particularly for extended use of office space, please use this work flow. This includes facility rental agreements, facility use agreements, inter-agency space use agreements, land rental agreements, and land use agreements (See Section 5 of UW System Administrative Leasing Policy for definitions). Requests regarding these types of agreements will first be routed through Division of Extension for approval, then sent to Facilities Planning & Management for approval.

Read Before you Begin!

  • Email your Assistant Dean or Institute Director to clarify your intent to complete a "Space Request"; reach out to for assistance in completing the "Space Request".
  • Only use this workflow if you need to rent or lease office space for employee(s). If you need to rent a space for an event, please use the event agreement workflow
  • Please contact directly if you need an easement, amendment to an existing lease, or an agreement around the use of land.
  • This workflow is only for completing the "Space Request". The actual development of an agreement around space is a separate process that will be coordinated by and Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M).


  • Extension has employees work throughout the 72 counties of Wisconsin.
  • Many Extension employees work in buildings that are not owned by the University (e.g. county government buildings, privately-owned offices, etc.).
  • These work locations need to be formally defined in space use agreements between the owner of the building and Extension.
  • New space use agreements, and changes to existing space use agreements are undertaken in close coordination with UW-Madison Facilities Planning & Management (FP&M) through this workflow.
  • Division of Extension Employees are not authorized to make agreements related to space use or rental. Only designated UW-Madison signature authorities are authorized.
  • Information from these agreements is used to keep location codes up to date. This impacts what business address the employee will see under "Office Address" in the MyUW - Personal Information widget. 

Who should use this workflow?

Only Extension supervisors that need to rent office space for an employee(s) or modify an agreement should use this workflow. This will most likely be Area Extension Directors, Assistant Deans, or Institute Directors.


Space Use Agreement Workflow
 Step  Owner  Process Step
 1  Supervisor  Determine whether to submit through this workflow 
 2  Supervisor  Create a "Space Request" Document Set
 3  Supervisor  Complete "Space Request"
 4  Supervisor  Create a New Approval Request
 5  Extension Approvers  Review Document Set and Accept/Reject (if a request is rejected, you will need to resubmit)
 6  UW-Madison FP&M  Review "Space Request" and upload fully-executed agreements.

Extension Approvers

  • Senior Institutional Planner
  • Assistant Deans of Northern/Southern Areas(Scroll down)
    • Area Extension Directors submitting SUA approvals will select Assistant Deans as approvers.
  • Institute Directors
    • Program Managers will select Institute Directors as approvers
    • Branded Program/Extension Reserve Managers will select Institute Directors as approvers.
  • Chief Financial Officer

Backup Approvers

  • When completing the workflow, always make sure to verify that your Extension approver is in office (check their O365 calendar). 
  • If an Extension approver is out of office, select an equivalent approver (found on the Extension Leadership Page). 
    • E.g. Assistant Dean of Southern Areas is out -- Select the Assistant Dean of Northern Areas as approver.
    • E.g. Institute Director in YFCD is out -- Select another Institute Director in YFCD as an approver.
  • If the Extension Senior Institutional Planner is out of office, please contact regarding your submission.
  • If the Chief Financial Officer is out of office, please contact regarding your submission.

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