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Risk Management - Injury & Incident Reporting - Report an Automobile Accident

Extension employees should submit all automobile accident (state-owned) reports to Risk Management using an Extension-specific SharePoint workflow. There is additional reporting involved in automobile accidents that will need to be completed outside of this workflow.


  • UW-Madison Risk Management requires that all UW-Madison related automobile accidents with state-owned vehicles be reported.
  • The report must be filed within 24 hours of the incident.
  • Extension has its own workflow on SharePoint for submitting these reports directly to Risk Management.
  • Please follow the instructions below:
    • Risk-Management Instructions
    • Extension-Specific Instructions

1) Follow the Detailed Instructions on the Risk Management Website

  • Follow the steps in "If Injuries Are Involved"
  • Follow the Steps in "Report the Accident"
  • Follow the Steps in "Complete and Submit a Vehicle Accident Report"
    • Follow the Extension-specific steps for submitting the Vehicle Accident/Incident Report! 

2) Contact your Extension Supervisor

  • Contact your supervisor to initiate the Extension phone tree as soon as possible after the accident.
    • Your supervisor will be whoever completed your performance review. 
    • County-based faculty should contact their Area Extension Director
  • Discuss the accident with your supervisor. 

3) Complete the Vehicle Accident Report

  • Download the Vehicle Accident/Incident Report form to your local computer. Complete the report.
    • Note: If you have a printed copy that you have filled out by hand, you can scan it into a PDF.

4) Submit the Vehicle Accident/Injury Report through SharePoint

  • Complete these fields for your submission:
    • Record Title: Append [First Name] [Last Name] [Date] to the template document name
      • E.g. Vehicle-Incident-Report - Nathaniel Shay 2019.11.04
    • Incident Type: Select whether it is a non-employee injury/incident, near-miss, or vehicle accident report. 
    • Description: Include a brief description of why you are submitting the report. 
    • Incident Date: Date the incident documented in the report occurred.
    • 4-H Accident?: Select whether the incident was 4-H related (Yes/No).
    • Upham Woods Accident?: Select whether the incident was Upham Woods related (Yes/No).
    • Volunteer Related: Select whether the incident involved a volunteer (Yes/No).
    • Immediate Supervisor: Your immediate supervisor's email.
    • Institute Director: Your institute director's email.
    • Attach Completed Report: Upload the completed report as an attachment. 
  • When you are ready to submit, click on the "My Reports" button. Find your Report. 
  • Click "Send to Risk Management".
  • Click "Run Flow."

Help with Vehicle Accident Report

  • If you have any questions related to the report form, please contact the Office of Risk Management (608) 262-0379.
  • If you have any questions related to the Extension SharePoint Workflow, please contact the Extension Help Desk (all tickets will be routed through DoIT Help Desk).

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