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1.1 Intro to Extension :: Organizational Structure

The Division of Extension has a unique organizational structure that includes both geographical components (e.g. county, area) and programmatic components (e.g. institute, program). The organizational chart is the manifestation of the structure and is used across several behind the scenes structures (e.g. Department IDs, email lists, location codes, Person of Interest records).

Org Chart

Staff Directory

The Extension Staff Directory is a searchable databse of all Division of Extension Employees. Custom views of the Staff Directory can be included into select websites. To update your information in the staff directory, visit:  Staff Directory - Employees 

Email Lists

Extension has area, zone and county support staff email lists that are centrally managed.

Email Lists - Core Lists

Person of Interest (POI)

The Division of Extension uses Person of Interest (POI) records in HRS to grant UW-Madison NetIDs and access to certain applications and services to individuals who are not Extension employees.

County Support Staff, Emeritus, Partners, & Affiliates

Department ID's

A Department ID is a unique combination of letters and numbers that is used to identify a specific division, department, institute, program, or other administrative entity of the Extension organizational chart.

Divisional HR - HRS - Division of Extension Department IDs

Location Codes

A location code is a unique combination of letters and numbers that is used to identify a physical office location (business address) where an employee's regularly assigned work location.

Divisional HR - HRS - Extension Office Location Codes

Operational Areas

Operational areas are an area of focus or function in a college, school or division, department or office at UW-Madison. An operational area will generally be a subset of a college, school or division, department or office, and need not include the whole unit. Operational areas are assigned to Academic Staff and University Staff appointments (except those in TE or FTT appointments).

Divisional HR - Operational Areas

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