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Extension Building - Reservable Spaces

Division of Extension has configured a number of reservable office and conference spaces in the Extension building for use by visiting and local staff. These spaces are configured in Outlook as “Resource Rooms”. For help, contact Rachael Reis (

Reservable Offices and Workspaces

Division of Extension has configured a number of reservable office spaces in the Extension building for use by visiting and local staff. These spaces are configured in Outlook as “Resource Rooms”.

Available Technology

Each reservable office has been set up with a docking station, two monitors, a wired keyboard and mouse, and a webcam. While we do not provide shared headsets for health and hygiene reasons, we do strongly encourage you to bring your own headset if you expect to be on video conferencing calls throughout your time in the reservable office space. Should you require assistance with connecting your laptop to this setup, please stop by the 2nd floor and ask ETS staff for help.

Example of 2 monitors with docking station, keyboard and mouse, and webcam that is available in each reservable office.
Should you need to print something while visiting the Extension building, you have two options:

  1. If you are on an Extension provided computer, and your device is managed by DoIT Departmental Support, you can request access to the 5th floor printer EXTPR-CARMINE by contacting the DoIT Helpdesk.

  2. If your computer is not managed by DoIT Departmental Support, you will be unable to print from your computer, and instead will need to have someone else int he building print on your behalf.

Reserving an Office or Workspace

Reservable spaces can be reserved via MS Outlook. You can invite them either as a ‘Resource’ when using the Desktop client, or as a ‘Person’ or ‘Attendee’ when using the Web client, Phone App, or via the Desktop client. The offices should be left unlocked, but if you arrive and need a key, keys for each office are available on the 5th floor, room 521 hanging on the wall with red tags. You may leave the space unlocked when you are done. 

   Example of inviting a reservable office as an attendee from phone app         Example of adding a reservable office as an attendee using the web client          Example of inviting the reservable office as a resource using the desktop client

How to Reserve a space 

  1. Create a meeting or appointment within MS Outlook.

    1. Set the duration to match when you want to reserve the space for.

  2. Add the space as an attendee. You can view all offices by starting to enter ‘ext-office’ as either a ‘resource’, ‘attendee’, or ‘person’, depending on how you are using Outlook. As you start to type in ‘ext-office’, it will list the offices available. Other spaces are in the list below.

    1. Tip - Use either the ‘Scheduling Assistant’ or the ‘Find a Time’ feature to ensure the office you want is available!

    2. You will receive an email notifying you that your ‘Request was Accepted’                       

                                     Example of the accepted message that will come after successfuly reserving a room                                 

3. Stop by Extension office 521 to pick up your key if needed. Please return it when done with your scheduled reservation time. You may leave the office unlocked when you leave.

Reservable Office Space Etiquette

  1. Only reserve an office if you must have a private space, and then for only as long as you need it. We don’t have many of these offices and want to make sure they are available for purposes that require privacy.  

  2. Wipe desktop, keyboard and mouse with disinfecting wipes when you’re done in the room. (wipes available in room 521)

  3. Do not rearrange the furniture or move the keyboard/monitor setup. If you are having a small group meeting and bring in extra chairs, put everything back the way it was when you’re finished. 

  4. If you’re on campus and suddenly need a private office, don’t assume that an empty Reservable Office isn’t in use – the person may have just stepped away for a bit. Check Outlook, then book the space if it’s not already reserved. 

  5. Throw away all trash; recycle office paper. If you see a waste basket or recycle bin is full, please set it outside the office door. Custodial staff more frequently picks up waste that is set out in the hall and doesn’t always have time to go into each office. If you are the first one using a Reservable office for a day and notice empty waste or recycle bins in the hallway, please bring them back into the office area. 

  6. If you eat your lunch while working in a Reservable Office, take any food remnants or waste that has an odor to a wastebasket in the hallway – do not leave it in the room. 

Basically, leave the workspace cleaner than you found it. 

Finally, if you find that you often need a Reservable Office and none are available, or none are available in an area where you need to work, please let Rachael Reis know ( We’ll be working to flex and adjust work spaces as we gain more information into how spaces are being used.

Available Offices

This is the list available as of publishing. If you no longer see a space on outlook, that space is no longer available. 

1st Floor

2nd Floor

3rd Floor

4th Floor

5th Floor

6th Floor

Reservable Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms are reserved in the same way as reservable offices. The following are the available supported conference spaces. Other spaces do not currently have supported technology.

103D - Meeting Room

249 - Conference Room

305 - Conference Room

401 - Conference Room

441 - Conference Room

507 - Conference Room

523 - Dean's Conference Room

  • Reserved through Lisa Brennan. Priority given to Karl Martin and Paul DeLong.
  • Seating Capacity: 12
  • Amenities: Technology for virtual meetings (including computer), Dry erase easel

605 - Conference Room

Additional Reservable Spaces


102 - Social Space

503 - Lactation Room

  • Reserved through Outlook calendar: 
  • This space may be left unlocked when not in use, and it may be locked from the inside during use. A key may be picked up in room 521 if needed. 

Get Help

For help, contact Rachael Reis (

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