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Hiring - Graduate Assistant - Create Offer to Hire Student

When you're ready to move forward with a hire you must change the student finalist(s) status(es) to "Create Offer." The student(s) must have applied through the Student Jobs Platform to complete this step.
  1. Review the materials around creating offers in the Student Jobs Platform KnowledgeBase.
  2. Follow the instructions on the Student Jobs Platform to create the job offer for a student assistanship.
  3. Follow the Extension specific instructions below when completing the job offer.

Extension-Specific Instructions

  • This is a required field to hire a student in the Division of Extension.
  • Most hiring managers are time approvers for their students and should select the same UDDS (Department ID)  as their appointment for their student.
  • Refer to the Division of Extension Department ID Crosswalk spreadsheet (column B) if you are unsure which department to select. 
Funding String
  • This is a required field to hire a student in the Division of Extension.
  • You should have this information from completing the steps in "BEFORE You Begin" on Graduate Assistant - Start Here to Hire.

Approval Process

extension divisional approvals.

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