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Hiring - Recruitment - Screening

When screening your applicants, the process should be constructed and pre-determined in a way to identity top candidates based on your job description and need competencies, knowledge, skills and experiences for that person to be successful in the position and positively contribute to the organization. Throughout this section there are guidelines, tools, strategies & high impact practices to ensure that the process is fair, equitable and aligned to identify the best candidates for the position for which you are hiring. Extension HR and/or ASU HR representatives are resources for you to assist with your search needs, please feel free to consult with them along the way.

Assistance with Screening

  • ASU HR referred to in this article will generally refer to the HR Generalist or HR Assistant that the Hiring Manager is working with.
  • The Hiring Manager can also contact the service account or at any time with questions regarding their hire. 


I. Forming Search and Screen Committees 

Search and Screen committees serve an important function within the recruitment, assessment and selection process. There should always be more than one person responsible for selection and hiring for positions. There is far too much liability for this process and decision to remain solely with one individual. In most cases, a search and screen committee will be used to evaluate, interview, narrow the candidate pool and provide recommendations to the hiring supervisor/manager. 

A. Hiring Manager Responsibilities 

  1. Select Search and Screen committee members
  2. Notify ASU HR of member names and email addresses
  3. Notify ASU HR who will be anonymizing applicant materials.
    1. Hiring - Recruitment - Screening - Anonymized Applicant Materials

B. ASU HR Responsibilities 

  1. Add Hiring Manager and all committee members to the recruitment’s Screening Panel folder in Box
  2. Upload all applicant materials to Screening Panel folder in Box
  3. Prepare Box folders for anonymizing applicant materials.
    1. Hiring - Recruitment - Screening - Anonymized Applicant Materials

II. Application Screening/Scoring

For most positions, a cover letter and resume will complete the application materials. Applicant materials will be redacted to remove any personally identifiable information before they are screened by the hiring manager and search and screen committee. 

A. Hiring Manager Responsibilities

  1. Work with to develop application screening/scoring tool (ensure screening criteria is consistent with requirements in job description/PVL). Hiring Managers will have submitted this tool along with the Request to Fill (RTF) and Job Description as part of pre-recruitment
  2. Complete full application screening for redacted applicants with the committee. This screening would consist of using the screening/scoring tool to objectively evaluate the application materials to determine which candidates are most qualified to invite for a phone/skype/zoom interview
  3. All committee members should review all applications to maintain equity and fairness in the process
  4. Submit to ASU HR either:
    1. Each committee member’s completed screening/scoring tool; (or)
    2. A comprehensive screening/scoring tool with the consensus of the committee’s scores for each applicant

B. ASU HR Responsibilities

  1. Instruct screening committee on process as needed
    1. This will be someone from ASU who will discuss unconscious biases and other forms of bias, process, expectations, confidentiality statement, etc. 
  2. Review screening scores to ensure fair consideration of each applicant before moving forward
  3. Communicate with Hiring Manager to determine which top scoring candidates to move to interview phase

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