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Hiring - Recruitment - Posting

Positions being recruited will be posted to the UW-Madison Jobs website after the PVL has been approved by Department, Division HR, and OHR. The Hiring Manager will receive a link to the posting and next steps once the position is live.

I. Posting Requirements

Additional information available under Minimum Posting Periods and Required Recruitment Forms and Scope in the Recruitment Toolkit.

This is a quick summary of minimum required posting periods:

  • Generally, the required minimum posting period will be 2 weeks.
  • Internal recruitment requires a minimum posting period of 1 week.
  • Temporary Employee (TE) vacancies may be posted for a minimum of 1-week.

II. Process

  1. Extension HR Responsibilities
    1. Provide the division-approved Request to Fill to process into a Position Vacancy Listing (PVL)
    2. Publish a vacancy announcement to all of Extension on the Extension HR Homepage
  2. ASU HR Responsibilities
    1. An ASU Generalist will department and division approve the PVL and will post the position on the UW Madison job website and email the Hiring Manager a link to the posting and next steps once the position is live.

III. Advertising

This link provides an overview of the process and sources that are automatically scraping the Jobs at UW website and are posting all positions:

Integration of "Jobs at UW" with External Job Boards

It is ultimately the hiring unit’s responsibility to recruit for a vacancy. Passively posting or advertising a vacancy is not enough to attract the best pool of candidates. Recruiting widely and aggressively can attract a diverse pool of qualified candidates. Proactive strategies include but are not limited to attending recruiting fairs, leveraging professional network affiliations, and using social media. Hiring units may use third-party recruiters or search firms to broaden the scope of the search and generate well-qualified diverse candidate pools. The hiring unit, at its sole discretion, is responsible for the selection and retention of the search firm services, as well as all expenses incurred as a result of the contract. Divisions are encouraged to utilize the vendors contracted through the University System and the Big Ten Purchasing Consortium's Contract 109, and follow contract terms and conditions. If the hiring unit is seeking to use a search firm that is not part of these contracts, the hiring unit must work with UW Purchasing to ensure the proper processing of the contract. The hiring unit must notify Talent Recruitment and Engagement in order to ensure the proper collection of application materials and follow recruitment protocol via the applicant tracking system.

Advertising includes many activities, some of which can be low or no-cost. As a best practice, advertisements contain the following language whenever possible: UW-Madison is committed to providing opportunities to people from all backgrounds to help create a welcoming, empowered, and inclusive community. UW-Madison encourages women, minorities, veterans, and people with disabilities to apply. At a minimum, all advertisements are required to contain the following language: UW-Madison is an affirmative action/equal employment employer and we encourage women, minorities, veterans, and people with disabilities to apply.

Extension Administrative Assistants will conduct local advertising.

Administrative Support (Data Managers) - Roles & Responsibilities

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