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Volunteer Suspensions and Dismissals in Extension - Policy


This policy establishes parameters for suspending and dismissing Extension Volunteers.


Volunteers: Individuals who are formally recognized as Extension volunteers through issuance of a Volunteer Agreement Letter by an employee, program, or institute within Extension.


Extension Volunteers and all employees involved in making decisions about suspending or dismissing Volunteers are subject to this policy. 

Policy Detail

  • Volunteers can be suspended or dismissed from service in Extension and its programs for any reason that falls outside of the protected bases identified by the University of Wisconsin-Madison or the Division of Extension for visitors and program participants. 
  • Volunteers do not have rights to the same just cause steps afforded to select classifications of employees (e.g., faculty, academic staff, university staff) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison prior to a suspension or dismissal. 
  • All dismissals must be approved by the Dean of Extension. Depending on the structure of the volunteer program, the volunteer manager’s direct supervisor (typically the Area Extension Director) and/or program manager is responsible for making the dismissal recommendation. 
  • All suspensions and dismissals must be documented in writing via a communication to the individual who is being suspended or dismissed. 
  • Volunteers do not have the right to appeal a suspension or dismissal for any reason other than a concern about discrimination on the protected bases identified by the University of Wisconsin-Madison or the Division of Extension for visitors and program participants. 
  • UW-Madison reporting obligations applicable to the actions underlying suspensions and dismissals including, but not limited to, EO #54 Mandated Reporter, Title IX, and the Clery Act, must be satisfied. 
  • Reinstatement requests for dismissed Volunteers will not be considered under any circumstances for a minimum of two years following the dismissal. Volunteers who are dismissed for engaging in violence against Extension staff, volunteers, or program participants; committing a crime against a youth during the course of volunteer service; or engaging in acts of discrimination during the course of volunteer service are not eligible for reinstatement as a volunteer in any Extension program. 

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September 2021

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November 8,2021

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September 2023

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