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Microsoft Teams in Extension

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool for group and individual chat and video meetings that is included with Office365.

Teams works as a channel of communication that fits between email and Zoom. It is less formal and more real-time than email and it is quicker for short video calls than organizing a Zoom meeting. Each tool has benefits and adding Teams is not a replacement for email or Zoom.

Teams was deployed in Extension in 2020 when all employees were working remotely as a modern virtual office tool. When used effectively, teams can build strong team and interpersonal relationships regardless of office location.

Institutionally supported teams

Extension has implemented some key institutional teams for Areas and Institutes and other groups. The key features of an institutionally supported team include: 

  • Administrative support by Educational Technology Support (ETS). 

  • Integrated with and searchable in the Extension Intranet in SharePoint.

Institute Teams

The Institute Teams are integrated with the Institute resource sites in SharePoint. Each Institute team has channels that correspond to the Extension Programs in that Institute. All colleagues in an Institute are welcome to participate in their team. Team membership is managed by Jane Lazzara.

Area Teams

Institutionally supported teams exist for all 22 Areas. Each team was initially configured with a channel for each county in the Area. Some area staff have embraced creating cross-county channels for things like all the FoodWIse educators in an area. This is a fantastic use of Teams and encouraged. Team membership is managed by Kevin Graeme in ETS. If you need member updates for your Area, please have the AED contact ETS.

Other supported Teams

ETS has worked with other Extension groups to create supported teams that integrate with the Extension Intranet. These include groups such as the African American Employee Resource Group (AAERG), the Program Planning professional learning community, and multiple units and communities of practice.

If you would like an institutionally supported team, please contact Kevin Graeme.

Ad-Hoc Teams

Microsoft Teams are able to be created by any UW–Madison employee. They can be an excellent quick collaboration tool for small groups working on a program or project. If you do not need technical support or intranet search integration, you are welcome to create your own Microsoft Team

Can County Support staff be invited to a Microsoft Team?

County Support Staff with a Zero-Dollar Appointment have full access to the MS 365 suite of tools including Teams. County employees without a Zero-Dollar Appointment will be handled as a Microsoft Teams via Guest accounts

Can other external partners be invited to a Microsoft Team?

Yes. People not on UW-Madison payroll can be added as a member of a team. They will be considered as "Guest" accounts and will have limited capabilities.

See: Microsoft Teams via Guest accounts

Learn More

As part of Office365, Teams is a fully supported campus tool. Check out the Office365 KnowledgeBase for more information:

Microsoft 365 - Getting Started with Teams

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