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1st Year Support Plan

In an effort to provide thorough and complete support to Extension employees during their first year with the Division, leadership has set the expectation that there will be regular monthly meetings between the new employees, their Area Extension Director (AED) and Program Manager (PM). This will help ensure that expectations and feedback are shared to promote employee success as they learn their role. The steps in setting up the process are below.


  1. Before the new hire begins their role, the AED and PM will use the First Year Navigation Plan document to create a suggested work plan for the educator. 
  2. When new staff start their role, AED creates a shared document with the new hire and program manager (PM), if appropriate. The AED populates the shared document with an agenda for monthly meetings between the educator, PM, and AED (see example – attached as Format document). 
  3. The AED will document the goals of the new educator after the first 30 days after discussion with the PM to clarify the overall goals of the position as well as any local and institute-specific goals and add them to the agenda template. 
  4. After meeting with the new hire weekly for the first month, AED introduces the shared agenda document and the expectations of the new hire to update the agenda before the monthly meetings take place. AED also shares that if the educator would like to modify the agenda to meet their needs, that is an option. 
  5. AED or new hire will set up monthly meetings between the AED, PM, and new hire. 
  6. Educator will update the agenda a few days before the monthly meetings.
  7. AED and PM review the document prior to the meeting. They can answer questions or ask questions in the shared document.
  8. Monthly meetings between the new hire, AED, and PM continue throughout the first year after which time they transition to semi-annual one-on-one check-ins between the AED and the new hire and the PM and the new hire.

Shared Agenda Template

This is the agenda template that the Area Extension Director introduces to the educator and that is used in joint meetings with the Program Manager

Goals/Work Plan

Updates from Following Meeting



Professional Development

Action Items

Anything Else?

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