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Staff Directory - Employees - Photo Guidelines

Please use the following guidelines for a non-professional photographer to take head shots with a smartphone camera or other device.

Width & Height

  • For consistency, photos should be 300px Wide by 420px High.
  • If you need assistance resizing images, please contact the Extension Help Desk

Instructions for Subject

  • Wear professional or business casual clothing. Solid colors in neutral shades that compliment skin tone work best. Please try to avoid anything that distracts from your face. Distractions may include: busy ties, high collars, ruffles, scarves, dangling jewelry, etc.
  • The photo should be cropped just above chest level.
  • Allow the photographer to get a relaxed smile, make them tell you a joke or engage in some banter. This will give the most realistic photo of your face.
  • Keep your pose simple and your shoulders relaxed. Remember the photo will be cropped at about chest level. When positioning your body, try:
    • Leave some space between your arms and torso, as this gives a good frame for your upper body; or
    • Cross your arms in front of your chest, this pose works well for people of smaller stature; or
    • Place both hands on your thighs, this will help posture; or
    • Angle your hips and shoulder slightly left or right of the camera and then turn your nose back toward the camera; place one hand in your pocket with the thumb out and the other hand on your thigh, this pose is a pleasing angle for everyone, just don't get too technical or stiff!
  • Have fun!

Instructions for Photographer

  • Choose a background outdoors with earthy tones and nothing too distracting; avoid cars, other people, trees/branches that look like they are growing out of the subject's head.
  • Good backgrounds include: greenery, brick walls without distracting lines.
  • Have the subject stand at least 10 feet from your background.
  • Take the photo outdoors but NOT in harsh, direct sunlight (which causes shadows and squinted eyes). Best time of day is early morning or late afternoon, when natural light is soft. Overcast is best.
  • If you must shoot indoors, do so in proximity to a window. Use the window (not overhead light) as your main light source.
  • To frame the shot, take the photo from about hips up and remember to leave some space on both sides and above the subject. This will allow you to crop the photo.
  • Do not shoot the subject straight on (directly in front of them); always choose a spot slightly to the right of left side.
  • Ask the subject to look at the top of your camera and shift their weight into their heels or back foot.
  • Most smartphones have some editing features, you should be able to crop the photo with a smartphone.
  • Take several photos and choose the one that looks best.
  • Try to help the subject stay relaxed, as this produces better photos. Chat, try to make them giggle so you get a more natural smile, suggest some of the poses above and demonstrate. Shake it out between photos and remind the subject to breathe.

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