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Calendars in Extension - comparing options

Calendars are an essential part of managing and presenting events and meetings in Extension. This guide will help you decide which calendar best fits your needs for promoting events on your Extension website.

Public-facing calendars for WordPress sites


Extension Event Calendar - Trumba

Extension maintains a centralized calendar for all public-facing events using a platform called Trumba. Most public events should be posted to the Extension Event Calendar, even if you maintain a separate calendar for your local or program website.

Extension Event Calendar

Events in the Extension Event Calendar can be filtered by Topic (Program), County, Audience, and Type of event. For in-person events, the location is automatically presented on a map view and events can be filtered by how close they are.

Adding your event to the Extension Event Calendar

Extension employees and county support staff can submit events by using the Event Calendar Management site. This lets you fill out a form collecting the details of your event. Events are then reviewed by staff in the Communications and Stakeholder Engagement office for basic mistakes and then approved. Due to licensing costs, we are currently unable to provide direct access for managing events in the calendar.

Note: 4-H events should be submitted to the 4-H Event Calendar.

Adding the Extension Event Calendar to your website

Pre-filtered views of the Extension Event Calendar can be added to your website based on Topic or County. While the Topics mostly align with the Extension Programs on the org chart, if an individual program has a significant recognition or reach, it is possible to add hidden filters for named programs. The county views are already integrated into all the Extension county sites hosted on our WordPress servers.

To add a view of the calendar to your website, contact Extension Educational Technology Support (ETS):

Additional features of the Extension Event calendar in Trumba:

  • Users can subscribe to a weekly update of coming events.
  • Users can sign up for event reminders by text or email
  • Add an event to your own calendar (Outlook, Google, Apple, Yahoo, etc)

4-H Events Calendar - Trumba

The Extension 4-H program maintains a separate 4-H Events Calendar in Trumba. This was done in anticipation of all the possible local 4-H club and leadership meetings as well as 4-H statewide events which could quickly overwhelm the main Extension Event Calendar. Because they use the same system, statewide 4-H events can automatically be shared with the Extension Event Calendar.

Adding events to the 4-H Events Calendar is also done via the Event Calendar Management site via a dedicated 4-H Events form.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is part of the Google Workspace suite and is primarily used for coordinating and sharing events with volunteer organizations or other external partners.  External collaborators with Google accounts can assist in managing events.  Events from separate organizations and entities can be displayed as one calendar and users may subscribe to one or multiple calendars. 

It is recommended to use a service account for managing a public facing Google Calendar for continuity and efficiency.  This also allows some centralized administrative support.  Support is not available to individuals who set up their own Google Calendars.  It is also important to determine whether your county IT department blocks access to Google Calendar. 

Detailed instructions for embedding a Google Calendar (and more) into your site can be found in this Block Editor article (scroll down for Google-specific instructions)

For further support or to set up a service account, contact Extension Educational Technology Support (ETS):,, or by attending daily ETS office hours.

Event Magic

Event Magic is the custom-created and supported event calendar for WordPress and arguably the most visually appealing.  All events and details are managed by websites authors and editors.  The Event Magic plugin needs to be activated before use on your website.  It is integrated directly into your WordPress website, and content is managed on the dashboard of your site, much like you manage Posts and Pages. The way that an Event Magic calendar displays on the website is set by the author.  Users can choose to Show All Events or just a subset based on Event Categories. 

Some limitations of Event Magic include:

  • No recurring events setting.  Each event is entered manually
  • Not available for Topic Hubs (Trumba is the calendar of choice)
  • No method of sharing event information with another website
  • No adding to personal calendars

More information can be found here: Using the Event Magic Plugin Within the Block Editor

For further support or questions about Event Magic, contact Extension Educational Technology Support (ETS):,, or by attending daily ETS office hours.

Internal calendars for teams and groups 

Outlook personal calendar

All Extension employees are expected to use and keep their personal Outlook calendar up to date. Outlook personal calendars can be shared with teammates to make it easier for people in an office, whether physical or virtual, to quickly see if others are busy. You can control whether people can only see when you’re free/busy, see actual meeting names, or even delegate access to your calendar for someone such as an administrative assistant to manage your schedule. 

Microsoft 365 (Outlook on the web | Outlook for Windows/MacOS) - Manage permissions to your calendar

Best for: Personal meetings and such.

Outlook personal shared calendar

An additional feature of personal calendars is the ability to to create a separate one that you grant people access to. This is a legacy shared calendar approach for creating a team calendar in Outlook, but one we recommend against. If the person who created the calendar leaves, then the calendar goes away too.

Microsoft 365 Group/Team calendar

Whenever an Outlook Group, SharePoint team site, or MS Team is created, there’s a corresponding Group Calendar that is automatically created to go with it. Anyone who is a member of the group/team can see and schedule meetings on the calendar directly via Outlook. 

This calendar can also be added to a webpage in a SharePoint team site and is already included in all our Institute SharePoint sites. Note: only members of the group/team will be able to see the calendar when it’s embedded in the site.

Best for: Scheduling meetings with invites for within a group/team.

SharePoint Events calendar

Events and opportunities of interest to staff throughout Extension can be promoted via a SharePoint Events calendar. This calendar is only available within a SharePoint site. Because it is a calendar with date tracking, it automatically hides older events after their date has passed. It supports adding custom categories to events and has a convenient “Add to my calendar” icon for people to selectively add that event to their personal calendars. Some limitations include no recurring events, and event posts can’t be included in a SharePoint news feed.

Best for: Listing events and opportunities on a SharePoint website.

SharePoint News

While not technically a calendar, using the News feature in SharePoint can be a great way to promote events whether within Extension or even external events of interested such as by partners or professional development opportunities. Because they are actually news posts, they are available to include in a SharePoint newsletter email and shows up in other automated SharePoint news feeds. 

It is possible to add custom categories to News to create a listing of news posts that are events. This listing can then be added to a SharePoint site separate from other news. Using a combination of SharePoint Events and News does require double the work, but is a fantastic way to promote events.

Best for: Sending event announcements via SharePoint newsletters

For assistance with any of these calendar options, please contact Extension Educational Technology Support (ETS):,, or by attending daily ETS office hours.

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