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All Division of Extension volunteers must complete onboarding requirements prior to beginning their service as volunteers. These requirements are incorporated into the existing enrollment processes for programs such as Wisconsin 4-H, Master Gardeners, and StrongBodies. Extension staff working with volunteers outside of these programs should use the Volunteer Onboarding Checklist to ensure that all requirements are met. Contact Kim Nawyn, Volunteer Management Systems Specialist, at or (608) 262-5864 to discuss before starting this process.


  • Checklist items #1-#6 must be completed for all Division of Extension volunteers. The sequence of completion for some of the items can vary.
  • Complete checklist item #7 only for volunteers who drive as part of their volunteer role(s).
Volunteer Onboarding Checklist
Create a position description that outlines the volunteer’s general responsibilities.
Collect, at minimum, each volunteer’s name, address, phone number, email (if available), and age status (whether the individual is 18 or over).
Ask volunteers to sign required documents, including Extension’s Volunteer Behavior Expectations and Conditions of Volunteer Service.
Contact the Volunteer Management Systems Specialist with information needed to conduct a background check.
Instruct volunteers to complete required training, including Mandated Reporter and VIP courses.
Prepare and send an agreement letter to the volunteer after requirements #1-#5 have been completed.
Complete UW-Madison’s Volunteer Driver Authorization Request and submit to the Volunteer Management Systems Specialist for volunteers who need to drive as part of their roles.

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