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Communications - Brand Guidelines - Extension Brand & Style Guide

Resources, guidelines, and policies for Extension branding - including logos, naming conventions, and more.


We are University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension.

All first references to our name/logo must include “Madison.” This is not only because we are part of the Madison campus but also to reinforce the strong connections we’re making with the campus in our transition.


University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension

Columbia County

After establishing the official name, or for more informal references, UW-Madison Extension or Extension Columbia County is acceptable.

As a reminder, we are no longer using “Cooperative” or its derivatives. We also must not use UW-Extension.

Logo Usage

Extension is a Division within the University of Wisconsin-Madison and we must follow the Campus’s rules for logo usage. Our Extension logo utilizes the “W” crest, with the descriptive text:
University of Wisconsin-Madison
All Extension-related branding materials need to use this logo. This includes letterheads, presentations, clothing, business cards, signage, etc.

Counties have the option of using a logo that adds
descriptive text to indicate an office:
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Columbia County
Find county-specific logos at

We cannot alter these logos any further
We cannot alter the arrangement of the words. We cannot alter the arrangement of the crest. We cannot add words such as “volunteer.” Adding such words can be done outside of the logo in another portion of your design.


Using two or more logos is common for Extension’s branded programs or when we work with partners on an event. Here’s some guidance on how to handle logos and placement.

General guidance     

When dealing with multiple logos, the Extension logo should be first, Additionally, the Extension logo should be at least the same size and at least as prominent as the external entity’s logo. Make sure there is ample space between the logos; it must always be clear that they are two separate logos.

UW-Madison-related logos (“multiple crests”)

The UW-Madison Brand Style Guide ( recommends not using two “crest”-related logos together. Doing so reduces the strength of the brand and creates too much clutter. For example, we would not use the
Extension logo along with the one for CALS.     
When co-branding with other UW-Madison groups, you can use the main UW -Madison logo and then list the entities in text format.

Like our name, logos use must establish a connection to Campus before subsequent logos can be used.

Co-branding with Extension branded programs Some Extension programs have branded logos they’ve developed with outside funders or partners. The same
parameters as above hold true: Use the main Extension logo as a primary logo and the program logo as a secondary. This creates a link to Campus and orients stakeholders as to our relationship with UW-Madison.
UW-Madison has a number of logos specific to Athletics that we cannot use in our branding materials. That includes the “motion W” and Bucky Badger.
Looking for more?
University Marketing has a robust Brand Style Guide along with logos, font guidance, and even design elements you can use in your work. Visit for more.


The Communications Office’s intranet page has logos for clothing, pens, etc., and can help with county-specific logos that might need to be formatted for use on merchandise. If you have a specific request for a way to use the logo not seen on this page, reach out to the Communications Office for assistance working UW-Madison Marketing.


UW-Madison red is sometimes referred to as “Cardinal red” by print vendors. The web color is #c5050c. The RGB is R: 197; G: 5; B: 12

Social Media

When naming your social media channel, please use the name guidance above, such as “UW-Madison Extension Columbia County” or “Extension Columbia County.” For programs, it makes most sense to lead with the program name so it shows up better in searches.

FoodWIse Extension Brown County
You can find suggested social media logos on the Communications intranet page.


For designed products, Lato is our recommended font. It is similar to the University’s official font, Verlag. This document is set in Lato.

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