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Hiring - Direct Hires - Pre-Submission - Create Request to Fill (RTF)

As part of the requirements for pre-submission for direct hires, the hiring manager needs to complete a Request to Fill (RTF). This includes information regarding the position, all required approvals, and the position description. Not all sections of the RTF will need to be completed for direct hires (e.g. sections meant for advertising positions during a recruitment).

Contact with any questions related to the RTF.

1) Download the Extension Request to Fill (RTF) Form

2) Complete the RTF Form 

Page 1

A) Hiring Manager Responsibilities
  • Date: Please enter the date you create the RTF.
  • Main Contact: Please enter contact information for the individual who will be directly supervising this position (name and email).
  • Hiring Manager: Please provide the contact information for the hiring manager if this individual is different than the main contact.
  • Waiver/Direct Hire or Recruitment: Please indicate whether this will be a Waiver/Direct Hire or a Recruitment.
    • Name of Hire (if Waiver/Direct Hire): Please indicate the name of the desired Waiver/Direct Hire.
  • External or Internal Recruitment: Please indicate whether the recruitment will be internal or external.
    • Justification (if Internal): Please write a brief justification for why the recruitment will be internal.  
  • Waiver Reason: Please review the Direct Hire Waiver Reasons and enter the reason for waiver. 
  • Recruitment Posting Duration: Please indicate the duration you would like the recruitment to be posted (e.g. 2 weeks, 4 weeks).
  • Anticipated Start Date: Please enter the anticipated start date for the position (please note this does not guarantee that the position will start on this date). 
  • Total FTE the position will supervise: Please enter the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) this position will supervise
    • Can be partial;
    • Include Graduate Assistant(s) the position will supervise in FTE;
    • Do not include Student Hourly (SH) positions the position will supervise.
  • Working Title: Please enter the requested working title.
  • SJD Title/Code: Please enter the proposed SJD Title. Hiring - Recruitment - Pre-Recruitment - Business Title Guidelines
  • Employee Class: Please enter the employee class (this is determined by employee title and can be found in the Standard Job Description Library).
  • Proposed Full-Time Salary: Please enter the proposed full-time salary for the position.
    • This should be the full-time salary for the position and should not be prorated by FTE.
    • The Hiring Manager can indicate prorated information in the "Describe Funding" section.
  • Department UDDS: Please enter the proposed UDDS.
  • Department Name: Please enter the name of the department associated with the UDDS.

Page 2

A) Hiring Manager Responsibilities
  • Salary Minimum: Please indicate if you would like the minimum salary posted.
    • Yes: What amount?
    • No: Should the position be posted as salary negotiable?
      • If this option is selected, no salary will show on the posting at all and the salary range should be addressed through the recruitment process to align expectations. 
  • Ongoing/Renewable or Terminal/Finite: Please indicate if this position will be a renewable (ongoing based on funding and performance) or finite (position will have a terminal date).
    • End Date Terminal/Finite: If the position will be terminal/finite, please indicate the proposed end date.
    • Ongoing positions will always require a recruitment. 
    • Terminal/Finite positions can either be recruited, or use a waiver/direct hire.
  • Appointment Percent: Please indicate the appointment percentage (e.g. 50%, 100%, etc.)
    • FTE can generally not change at all during the first year of employment UNLESS a range is listed in the recruitment and/or waiver.
    • Indicate that in the RTF to accommodate those that change FTE based on the time of year (e.g. FoodWIse)
    • The range will need to be listed in the PVL when recruiting. If it is not listed this way in the recruitment, it is not possible to reduce FTE. 
    • If the position will not work the same number of hours each week, please indicate by checking the box (HR will discuss hourly appointment)
  • Number of Positions: Please indicate the number of people who will be hired for this position (e.g. 1, 2, etc.)
  • Describe Funding: Please include all funding strings with percentages.
    • Depending on what position you are hiring, you will verify funding that will be used to pay for the position in one of your pre-approval conversations ([Link for document 106856 is unavailable at this time.]).
    • Contact your financial manager (OFS - Resources - Financial Specialists & Managers Contact List) for the correct funding string(s). Send a short justification, including who is paying for the position(s) and where the funding will come from. Insert the funding strings and percentages provided.
  • Additional Comments or Questions: Add any additional comments or questions regarding the position.
  • Work Location:
    • Document whether this position will be expected to work In Person, Partially Remote, or Fully Remote.
    • Please note that partially remote and fully remote positions will need to complete a remote work agreement
  • Building/Location Code: Please enter the employee's regularly assigned work location.
  • County/Tribal Nation Served: Please indicate which count(ies) and/or tribal nation(s) will be served and include anticipated FTE for each.
  • Area: If county-based, please include the Area associated with the count(ies) they will serve.
  • Primary Program Affiliation: For individuals in a program-related role include the program affiliation.
  • PVL Type: Please enter whether this will be a new or replacement position.
  • Prior Incumbent: If a replacement, please enter the name of the prior incumbent (if replacement)

Page 3

A) Hiring Manager Responsibilities
  • How to Apply: If you have additional application instructions/requirements you would like your applicants to follow, please include them here (will default if left blank).
  • Additional Information: Please enter any additional information regarding the position.
    • Indicate whether or not the salary is negotiable based on experience and qualifications by checking the box.
B) Extension HR Responsibilities

Page 4

  • Job Summary Detail: Please describe the position in detail as it relates specifically to your unit. This information will display on the job posting. 
  • Essential Responsibilities: Copy the essential responsibilities from the SJD and assign a percentage of effort to each essential duty (None can be less than 5% unless it does not apply, in which case a zero should be assigned).

Pages 5

A) Hiring Manager Responsibilities

  • Unique Responsibilities: Include up to 4 unique responsibilities totaling no more than 20% of the total effort (none can be less than 5%).
  • Education Required: Indicate if you would like to indicate minimum degree and area of specialization requirements other than the suggested minimum.
  • Qualifications: Enter the knowledge/skills/abilities and other requirements a candidate needs to perform the job. Break this into required and preferred.
  • Licenses/Certifications Required: Indicate any required licenses or certifications. 

B) Extension HR Responsibilities

  • Job Category: Extension HR will work with the hiring manager to fill out this section.

Page 6

A Hiring Manager Responsibility

  • Physical Demands: Indicate any physical demands that apply to this position. Select all levels that apply. 
  • Work Environment: Select any work environments that apply to this position.
  • Work Environment Hazards: Select any work environment hazards that relate to this position. 
Remote Work - Request a Remote Work Agreement

Page 7

A Hiring Manager Responsibility

  • Work Environment Hazards (Cont.): Select any work environment hazards that relate to this position. 
  • Tasks: You may add up to 15 specific job-related tasks (consult with before adding).
  • Advertising Summary (optional): Add language that you would like to use on the job board to attract applicants.

B) Extension HR Responsibility

  • FLSA Exemption Reason: Extension HR will fill out this section and consult the hiring manager as necessary.
    • N/A - Not Applicable
    • Teacher
    • Camp Counselor
    • Multiple Jobs
    • Not subject to FLSA

3) Document whether this will be a Position of Trust

  1. Determine whether or not this will be a Position of Trust (POT) - consult with if you are unsure. 
  2. Determine which POT designation (POT, POT4, POT2)
  3. Indicate POT designation on the RTF

Hiring - Positions of Trust

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