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Ending Employment - Offboarding Checklist - Employees

Employees are responsible for providing their supervisor with a written notice (e.g. email) of resignation or retirement (please note that fixed-term terminal appointments do not need to provide notice). This notice must include the employee's last day of work and last day on payroll if they intend to use leave to extend their end date. This notice (or the job end date for a fixed-term terminal employee) begins the offboarding process for Extension - the details of this process are below.

Note: Employees with a job end date (fixed-term terminal appointments) do not need to send a letter of resignation and can proceed to Tasks to Complete Prior to Departing.

Click Here to Download the Offboarding Checklist


1) Send Resignation Letter to Supervisor


The employee who is retiring or resigning kicks off the offboarding process by emailing a resignation letter to their supervisor. 


  1. Create an email message using a copy of the resignation template
  2. Fill out the following information in the resignation template:
    • Supervisor (for county-based faculty this will be the AED).
    • Last day of work
    • Last day on payroll
      • If you would like your remaining leave (vacation and holiday) to be paid out in a lump sum, this will be the same as your last day of work.
      • If you do not want your remaining leave (vacation and holiday) paid out in a lump sum and would like to extend your time on payroll, please contact ASU Payroll and Benefits at Or (608) 262-5322.
    • Whether or not you are retiring and will be collecting a WRS Annuity
    • Whether or not you are taking a position in another UW institution or State Agency and indicate which one.
  3. Email the completed resignation letter to your supervisor.

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2) Tasks To Complete Prior to Departing

Complete Divisional Offboarding Tasks

1) Send Program Area Reports

Send any reports associated with your program area to your supervisor and program manager (if applicable).

2) Complete Knowledge Transfer Document

  • Fill out a knowledge transfer document.
  • This will serve as a useful resource for the next employee in your position.
  • Send a copy to your supervisor and your state program manager.

3) Complete USDA NIFA Training

  • If you have not already and are required to, make sure to complete the NIFA Research Training Requirements (RCR) training (if your position has been fully- or partially-funded by Smith Lever).
  • Follow the instructions on this Research Knowledge Base article to register for and complete the course in Canvas.
  • If you run into any issues, please contact or
  • Once you have completed the training, you will be sent a confirmation email. You can use this to verify training completion with your supervisor.

4) ECRT Form

  • Complete an Effort Certification and Reporting Technology (ECRT) form.
  • If the work of your position needs to be certified for the purposes of federal funding, you will be mailed an Extension Effort Certification and Reporting Technology (ECRT) form to your home address when it is available.
  • The federal government requires that each staff member certify their own effort, even those who have left Extension employment. You will be asked to verify the numbers, make any necessary changes, sign and return the form before the end of the designated processing period.

5) Verify Civil Rights Files are up-to-date

  • Verify that your program civil rights files are up to date
  • Please make sure that all of your program civil rights files are up to date, and in a place where they can be easily located.  For a listing of what needs to be included in the files, please refer to the Your Civil Rights Files - Office of Access, Inclusion & Compliance

6) Reimbursements and Expense Reports

  • Submit outstanding coursework and professional development reimbursements, if applicable.
  • Submit outstanding expense reports, if applicable.

7) Notify any partners, clients, or other applicable parties of your departure

  • Please work with your immediate supervisor to ensure that you notify all necessary parties regarding your departure.
  • Please work with your immediate supervisor to determine the most appropriate backup contacts following your departure.

Complete Payroll Tasks

1) Verify Paid Leave Balances

FAASLI Employees: Balances listed on your under leave statements in the MyUW portal are prorated for the year and may reflect an overpayment of paid leave if you end employment prior to the fiscal year (June 30).

University Staff Employees: Balances listed on your monthly leave statement are prorated for the year and may reflect an overpayment of paid leave if you end employment prior to the calendar year (December 31). 

2) Complete Final Absence Record

Monthly Employees

  • Log into MyUW and complete your final absence report.
  • The Payroll Office cannot pay out any unused leave time until you have reported all absences.
  • You will be paid all salary earned through the last day of work, including accrued vacation as provided by unclassified staff policies, provided that all absences are reported.
Biweekly Employees
  • Log into MyUW and complete your final biweekly timesheet.
  • The Payroll Office cannot pay out any unused leave time until you have reported all absences.
  • You will be paid all salary earned through the last day of work, including accrued vacation as provided by unclassified staff policies, provided that all absences are reported.

3) Verify Home Address in MyUW is Updated

  • Log into MyUW to make sure that your home address is listed correctly.
  • Your W-2 will be mailed to the home address listed in MyUW.
  • You MUST make this change yourself (Payroll & Benefits cannot update this for you). 

Review Benefits Information

Employment in another UW-System or State Institution

If you are resigning to begin employment with another UW-System institution, public school district, local government, state agency or other entity through which you will be eligible for Wisconsin Retirement (WRS) benefits, please notify ASU at  Providing this notification will help to ensure that accurate information is communicated to WRS regarding your ongoing benefits eligibility.

Health Insurance Information

If you have questions regarding health insurance after employment separation, retirement account information, etc. prior to leaving employment, please contact ASU at

Benefit Program Eligibility

  • You will receive a letter from Employee Trust Funds (ETF) with information regarding what benefits are available under COBRA after employment ends.  The letter will be sent approximately one week after separation of employment.
  • Information regarding your benefits upon resignation is also available by contacting the Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF).

Complete Exit Survey


As you are leaving the organization, we would like to take the opportunity to learn from your experience and insights to help us to identify trends that may need to be addressed in order to improve the workplace for current and future employees. This in turn allows us to strengthen our organization. Complete either the exit survey or an exit interview with Extension HR prior to departing the organization.


  1. Complete an exit survey (click to complete survey)
  2. Complete an exit interview (please contact Extension HR if you are interested in this option)
    1. Contact to schedule this meeting.
    2. The interview will be conducted  in person (if possible), or via zoom, or phone.
    3. This interview will be informal and will provide exiting employees with the opportunity to provide feedback regarding their employment and to share ideas and any recommendations for improvement.
    4. The information collected is kept separate from permanent personnel records and is primarily used to identify trends and strategies for strengthening Extension’s work environments.
    5. The exit interview may be completed prior to an employee’s last day of employment or within the first few weeks that follow. 

Return Work-Related Items

Please make arrangements to return the following items to the appropriate party:

  • Office keys and key cards
  • Work issued laptop, tablet, stylus, and/or hot spot (see Return Computer Equipment section for departmentally supported equipment)
  • Purchasing cards or corporate credit card
  • Identification card
  • Name badge
  • Parking permits
  • Computer access authorization codes
  • Telephone cards
  • Any other work-related or work-issued items

Return Computer Equipment (Departmentally Supported Computers Only)

  • Employees in possession of computer equipment supported by DoIT Departmental Support should return equipment to their office and notify the appropriate contact to work with DoIT.
  • Make sure to notify the appropriate contact from the list below depending on your work location.
Group (Location)Contact
Extension Building, Pyle Center, Lowell Center, Area Extension Directors, Milwaukee County
Wisconsin Geological & Natural History Survey (WGNHS)
Upham Woods Outdoor Learning

Questions? Contact

Backup Personal Data and Transfer Ownership of University Data

  • Review Help Desk articles on steps to take before losing access to O365, G Suite, Box, and Qualtrics.
  • If your colleagues will need continued access to content that you own in any of these applications after you departing Extension, please make sure to transfer ownership (e.g. open Qualtrics surveys, or previous Qualtrics survey results).
  • Review the deactivation timeline and notifications of IT services articles. 

Help Desk - Resources for Office 365, G Suite, Box, and Qualtrics account changes or deactivations

Help Desk - Deactivation Timeline for Office 365, G Suite, Box, Qualtrics, and Zoom

Help Desk - Deactivation Notifications for Office 365, G Suite, Box, and Qualtrics

Set out of Office Reply

3) Tasks to Complete After Departing

Review Benefit Program Eligibility

Review the benefit program eligibility letter sent to you approximately one week after separation of employment. If you have any questions please contact

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