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5.2 UW-Madison Integrated Specialist (POI 32) :: UW-Madison Integrated Specialists (POI 32)

Extension funds portions of faculty and academic staff appointments on the UW-Madison campus in the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences (CALS), School of Human Ecology (SoHE), and Letters & Science (L&S). These positions directly contribute to Extension research, education, and programmatic events and activities. UW-Madison integrated specialists will already have a NetID and access to applications and services provided to campus employees. However, they will need a POI record to be incorporated correctly into Extension email lists, Extension-specific access to certain applications and services, and to be added to the Extension staff directory.


  • All UW-Madison Campus integrated specialists must have a Person of Interest (POI) record (Type 32) in the Human Resources System (HRS).
  • Integrated specialists must have their primary programmatic affiliation indicated in the Department ID of the POI record (must be in A47).
  • When a POI record is created for an off-campus integrated specialist, there are a series of other steps that must be completed to incorporate them into the Division of Extension systems and processes.
  • CALS Integrated Specialists
    • The CALS Executive Assistant and Office Manager will send the Division of Extension quarterly reports for any integrated specialist staffing changes (new hires/retirements/resignations).

Create an Extension POI Record

These steps should be completed by the relevant Administrative Support Staff

Administrative Support (Data Managers) - Roles & Responsibilities

Work with ASU OHR to have a POI (Type 32) record created. Send the following information to (cc

  • Name
  • POI Type (32 - Integrated Specialist)
  • Primary Program Affiliation (UDDS code)

Essential Steps to Take after Creating POI Record

  1. Enter new integrated faculty and staff into the Extension Directory.
    • Create a person record
    • Create an appointment record
  2. Determine if they need to be added to any Core Extension email lists other than those in which they are automatically included.
    • They will automatically be added to following lists based on the POI record and UDDS code:
      • Extension - All
      • Department Level (ANR or YFCD)
      • Institute Level
      • Department Integrated Specialists (ANR or YFCD)
      • Extension Integrated Specialists - All
  3. Determine if they need to be added to any decentralized email lists.

Deactivating a UW-Madison Integrated Specialist POI Record

  1. Email (cc and provide the following information:
    • Name
    • EMPLID
    • Date to end POI record
  2. Remove the integrated specialist from the Extension Directory on or after the effective date.
    1. Delete the appointment record
    2. Delete the person record
  3. Remove the integrated specialist from any decentralized email lists.

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