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Emergency Procedures & Risk Management

The Office of Risk Management in Business Services is responsible for assisting UW-Madison in preserving the human and physical assets of the university. It works with departments such as the Division of Extension to identify, evaluate, and control loss exposures, while minimizing the adverse effects of unpredictable events and assisting in recovery efforts. The Division of Extension utilizes several areas of service on a regular basis and has developed several complementary divisional workflows. Review the tables below for links to the most frequently utilized Risk Management services.

UW-Madison Risk Management

Report an Injury/Incident

Non-Employee Injuries/Incidents

An important responsibility of any Extension employee who engages in Extension programs, events, or activities is to protect volunteers, participants, and third parties from harm. In the event of a high-risk accident, injury, or other incident, an Extension employee should submit a non-employee injury/incident report to Risk Management within 48 hours of the incident. 

Risk Management - Injury & Incident Reporting - Report a Non-Employee Injury/Incident

Employee Injuries/Incidents

All work-related injuries and illnesses must be reported immediately via a Worker's compensation Claim. Employees must complete and submit the "Employee Work Injury and Illness Report" to their supervisor within 24 hours of the occurrence of the injury or illness.

Risk Management - Injury & Incident Reporting - Employee Injuries/Incidents

Automobile Accidents (State-Owned Vehicles)

UW-Madison Risk Management requires that all UW-Madison related automobile accidents with state-owned vehicles be reported within 24 hours of the incident.

Risk Management - Injury & Incident Reporting - Report an Automobile Accident

Near-Miss/Unsafe Acts

Employees should submit a near-miss/unsafe act report if there is an incident that did not result in property damage, did not result in personal injury, but given a slight shift in time/position could have resulted in a high-risk injury/incident.

Risk Management - Injury & Incident Reporting - Report a Near-Miss or Unsafe Act

Additional Injury/Incident Reporting Information

High-Risk Injuries/Incidents

A high-risk incident poses a serious risk to an Extension Volunteer(s), Extension Program Participant(s), or third party and requires submitting a report to Risk Management.

Risk Management - Injury & Incident Reporting - What are High-Risk Incidents?

Low-Risk Injuries/Incidents

A "low risk" incident is one where the impact to an Extension Volunteer(s), Extension Program Participant(s), or third party is both minor and temporary. Low-risk incidents should not require a report to Risk Management.

Risk Management - Injury & Incident Reporting - What are Low-Risk Incidents?

Extension Phone Tree

Extension supervisors and leadership positions have phone tree escalation numbers listed behind a UW-Madison login that should be used for escalating high-risk injuries & incidents that occur during extension programmatic events and activities.

Risk Management - Injury & Incident Reporting - Escalate Using the Extension Phone Tree


Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Extension risk management reporting workflows and the Extension phone tree.

Risk Management - Injury & Incident Reporting - FAQs

Other Areas of Service

Driver Authorization

UW-Madison travel policy requires that every driver be authorized in order to drive any vehicle on UW business. Extension drivers must be authorized before driving any vehicles on UW business. Review and approval of authorizations is handled by Risk Management.

Risk Management - Driver Authorization - Become an Authorized Driver

Certificate of Insurance Program

If you need to provide a non-university organization with proof that UW-Madison has insurance coverage; or you need to know if a vendor already has certified their insurance coverage with the university.

Risk Management - Certificates of Insurance Program - Get a Certificate of Insurance (COI)

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